Birding Time Again! 12/27/14

Hi everyone!  I wanted to take you on a quick trip to the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge with us today…

The day started a little questionably, with fine snow fall in the air on the way to Brigham City.  By the time we left the Interstate, it began to clear up.IMG_1440Wow!  Was it gorgeous!

IMG_1429This little Kestral Hawk was a short distance from our house.  Since we were on a birding expedition, I thought I’d show him as well!

IMG_1469We hadn’t see these little ladies (?) before.  I believe that they are female Bufflehead.

*Disclaimer- I am a want to be ornithologist, not a real one!  LOL!

IMG_1483I hope this Coopers hawk  (?) is within it’s 10 shell limit…

IMG_1495And here is an American Coot colony!

IMG_1494With a close-up so you can see their white beaks of course!

(And check out the Redhead in the lower left corner pretending to be a Coot!)  Bwahahaha… I like his style!

IMG_1515And here are Tundra Swans!  The picture is quite far away, so they’re not in perfect focus…

IMG_1525And last, but not least, the majestic Bald Eagle!  Wow, this bird is always so awesome to see!

We saw a couple of Bald Eagles, but this was the only one near enough to photograph.

On our way back to Brigham city, we saw a couple of coyotes playing with each other in the snow…  Such a fun productive drive today!

Thanks for visiting!!!


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4 Responses to “Birding Time Again! 12/27/14”

  1. Susan Hales Says:

    Thanks that was fun and I didn’t get cold … 😉

  2. Jan Says:

    Wow you are so lucky to be able to capture these wonderful sights thank you for sharing

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