Snow Shoeing Saturday…

We went snow shoeing Saturday up one of the local canyons…  It wasn’t the prettiest day for scenery shots, but I did manage to capture some ice crystal formations…  (Not to mention some great ice columns down by the river.)

IMG_1571These were so cool…  (Pun intended!  LOL!)

IMG_1583And just enough moisture in the air to create these spectacular crystals!

IMG_1581And one more…IMG_1590I loved the sparkles in this one.  I used my flash as it was a little dark under the rock…

IMG_1614This was out my front door today…  I think it’s a male Oregon Junko.

IMG_1618And a robin.

Thanks for visiting!


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10 Responses to “Snow Shoeing Saturday…”

  1. utahoosier Says:

    Love the ice crystals…

  2. nsturgill Says:

    Beautiful crystal formations and the birds are great!

  3. KerryCan Says:

    Wonderful photos! I love those ice columns.

  4. cloudcoucou Says:

    Beautiful, I wish we had snow!

  5. soma1773 Says:

    Beautiful!!! The ice columns look amazing!! I love winter 🙂


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