I needed a TV shelf…

And rather than go with plain wood, I decided to get creative…IMG_1653My DH put the shelf together, and then I painted it green.  I didn’t do complete coverage as I wanted it to have some background texture.

Then I cut some fabulous bright petal shapes from some of my favorite fabrics!

IMG_1656This is it so far…  I’m really loving creating applique on wood!

I’ll post one last picture when I get it mounted on the wall…

Thanks for visiting!


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13 Responses to “I needed a TV shelf…”

  1. sewandsee Says:

    Looks great can’t wait to see the final result up on the wall

  2. Quilt Musings Says:

    That’s exactly what I thought when i saw the picture — applique! It wasn’t until I took a more careful look that I thought, “Hmm that looks a bit odd for a quilt…” Looks like it will be a great addition.

  3. stitchinggrandma Says:

    Oh; please tell me you won’t be hiding this lovely art project behind some ugly ol’ black electronic thing…..Get a wall anchor mount for the t.v. and use this lovely shelf to display another lovely.

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    Ahhhhhhhh, such a creative friend I have!!!!!!

  5. daniellajoe Says:

    Its looking good:-)

  6. Deonn Says:

    Ruthie, you are so awesome – I can’t wait to see it on your wall – so cool!

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