Prepping For Bryce…

I’m sewing like a mad woman to prepare for a retreat I’ll be heading for soon…  I’m taking 4 classes:  The Extreme Round Robin,  Navajo Code Talkers, Machine Quilting, and a lecture on machine quilting…  I’m am so excited!!!

121_0390These are the strips and some of the pieced sections for my Navajo Code Talkers Class.  (Mine are a new take on the original by using turquoise and “coral” aka bright red!  These auqa-turquoise colors are my latest faves!!!)  And I love a splash of red for fun!  I’m trying to get all the prep work done before I get there so I don’t add to my UFO pile!  (Other than another top!)

121_0391And you may remember these 10 inch blocks…

They are for the Extreme Round Robin, and seemed to take forever!  I still have to make 13- 5 inch blocks for the same swap,

although they can be simple.  I may do square in square?  I guess I’d better decide soon!

Thanks for visiting!


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6 Responses to “Prepping For Bryce…”

  1. paulasuequilts Says:

    These are so cool!

  2. waynedoman Says:

    Hi,  I tried to post on you blog and it appears I did something wrong.

    I said I wished you a great trip.  Drive carefully!

    I also said I was looking forward to seeing your bright Code Talkers quilt.  My sister and I got the pattern last summer.  She is going to do it in the wovens.  Of course, I want mine brighter so seeing yous will inspire me. Karen

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

  3. Silvana (a.k.a. silort) Says:

    these are really gorgeous, Ruthie! As usual! :)))

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