Folk Art Bitty Block and Happy Chemo Quilt…

Just trying to get some things finished before the end of the month…  My bitty Folk Art blocks are due in the mail tomorrow.

I still have to get them embroidered, and beaded.  Hopefully I’ll meet the deadline!

This is my own pattern…???????????????????????????????And last month, I took a “Happy Chemo” quilt that needed to be quilted.  Finished it up last weekend.

IMG_2529Thanks for stopping by!


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2 Responses to “Folk Art Bitty Block and Happy Chemo Quilt…”

  1. Sandi H. Says:

    Love your bird silhouette Ruth, and how you made into a windvane idea. I love black and white with turquoise. It would be cute done in wool. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Thanks Sandi! I thought of doing it with wool at first, but then decided on cotton. (I love the print options!) I got the idea from a folk art wind vane, but had to have it coming out of a spool of thread of course.

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