Tour of Handiquilter!

One of my friends invited a few of us to attend the Long Arm Quilt Guild today.  I figured a midarm was longer than a standard machine so that counted!  The fun thing is that they toured Handi Quilter factory where their group meets.  It’s a group that meets 6 times a year.IMG_3152One of my friends that I rode with waited by the door for me.  I’m always a slow poke!

IMG_3153Outside the classroom…

IMG_3154Check out the class room!  (I’d move in if they’d let me…  There were lots of quilts everywhere and it had such good vibes!)

IMG_3155And a little class on TNT~ Threads, Needles, and Tension…  Oh my!

IMG_3211Check out the door prize that I won!  Woot!  Woot!  Thank you Handi Quilter and Superior Threads!!!

We had a great time!  Brenda, Denise, Diane, and Patsy…  Too much fun!

Thanks for visiting…  Wish you could have joined us.

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5 Responses to “Tour of Handiquilter!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Where’s the “Love” button????? You lucky gal!!!! And Superior thread is awesome!!!!!! My color, too, BTW!!!!!! LOL! As frustrated as I get with HQ’s lack of quality control on their parts, I’m still in love with my SS!!!!!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Sorry to hear that… Hopefully the quality control gets better. I saw them down test driving lots of machines…

      • treadlemusic Says:

        It’s not the machine itself but the add-ons…like the slot in the table and the machine don’t have a great fit so the customer pays almost $100 for an “overlay” to fix a problem that they should have taken care of.

  2. laflor5233 Says:

    We can always use thread.

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