A visit to Farmington Bay…

I had to pick up my son from school today and decided to make it into a little birding trip!

Hope you enjoy this photo heavy post…  (When aren’t my birding posts photo heavy?  Otherwise they wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining.)

DSC_00092 American Avocet…  Notice their blue legs!  They are so cool!

DSC_0024One of my favorites, a Yellow-headed blackbird…

DSC_0034Here’s a Black-necked Stilt.

DSC_0051And again, a Black-necked Stilt diving for something yummy!

DSC_0035 (2)Snowy Egret…  This guy is always so regal!

DSC_0055And this one is just fun…  A Great Blue Heron with a stick in his beak.

DSC_0061Bringing it to the Mrs. for the new house…

DSC_0070Mr. and Mrs. Cinnamon Teal.

DSC_0089Red-winged Blackbird.

DSC_0141And last, but not least, a Pied-billed Grebe!  Grebes like to dive the second you get focused on them.

Thanks for joining me at Farmington Bay!


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6 Responses to “A visit to Farmington Bay…”

  1. Beezus Says:

    I love your photo-heavy posts when you go birding. So many that we don’t have here on the other side of the Mississippi!

  2. KerryCan Says:

    Such neat photos! I love the reflection on the stilt photos but, really, they’re all great!

  3. Silvana (a.k.a. silort) Says:

    awesome pictures, Ruthie!!!

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