I need to take a birding break…

Why is it so addictive?  Or maybe it’s my obsessive personality?  Anyway you look at it, my quilting time has taken a hit!

Fridays are my birding day.  Plus other days that end with “ays”.  Anyhoo, here are some pictures I took today…

DSC_2273Ha!  Got you!  This is a flower, not a bird!  Surprise surprise surprise!

It’s so pretty!  😉


Kestral in flight…

Yes!  These guys are so skittish I haven’t gotten a good picture until today!  He was hovering over a mouse or vole which he flew away with later…  In the meantime, I got his picture!  Score!

DSC_2383This beautiful bird is a Cedar Waxwing…  I drove an hour and a half looking for one a couple of weeks ago.  We were watching the Kestral in flight, and I looked out of my window.  He was right there!  I didn’t even crop this one!  Wow!!!


Sandhill Crane Mama and Baby…

We saw this baby a couple of weeks ago.  He’s grown a lot!  Sandhill Cranes always pair off… What a neat bird!

DSC_2079And one more from a couple of days ago because it came out so good…  LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. I need some bad weather so that I can get some quilting done!


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2 Responses to “I need to take a birding break…”

  1. Sandi H. Says:

    Wow! Everyone of those shots are great!

    Love the one of the Kestral’s fanned out tail. I’ve never seen Sandhill Cranes, very pretty.

    Your Dragonfly picture is also great…hey they all are!

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