At the family reunion…

So many birds, so little time!!!

We saw numerous birds at our Family Reunion in Eastern Utah!!!  A birding bonanza if you will…

DSC_3307This young robin hung out near our group camp site…

DSC_3301This Northern Flickr was feeding it’s baby near the young robin!!!  Awesome!

DSC_3298On our walk around the lake at Palisades State Park…


Scrub Jay

DSC_3355Red-tail Hawk taking off!


Bullock’s Oriole

These are the most colorful birds I’ve seen!


Cowbird baby in nest with Brewers Blackbird clutch.

Cowbirds don’t raise their own young.  Instead, they lay an egg in another birds nest for them to care for…

Unfortunately the smaller birds in the nest often don’t get enough food to survive.


Mountain Bluebird on Father’s Day!  He’s the daddy!

Thanks for joining me at my Family Reunion!!!  LOL!  (I know, not a single family member in site!)


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One Response to “At the family reunion…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Love the “birding” photos!!!!!! Totally understand the lack of human “flock” pictures!!!! LOL!!!! Happy Summer……………………

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