Row By Row Experience! Day 1…

My friend Diane told me about the Row to Row Experience, so we decided to hit the road today!  (Always love a good excuse for a road trip!!!)

Some of the shops have fun little fabric license plates that represent their stores…  And all of the participating shops have free patterns!

We went to Idaho first…  DSC_3545A cute little shop called, “Suppose” in Preston, Idaho.  DSC_3543Here are the 4 of us who went road trippin’ together…  Diane, Pat, Loretta, and Moi.  (That’s fancy French for “me”.  I learned it from Miss Piggy.)

I’ll have to hit Idaho again, as they didn’t have the license plates…  Darn!  Sounds like another road trip!

Then we hit Logan Utah.  Our first quilt stop there was “My Girlfriends Quilt Shop”.DSC_3546Cute little store with lots of fun fabrics, and they had cake!  (It was their 4th anniversary.)  I love to eat cake!

This is Pat and Loretta again!  DSC_3549Diane is busy cutting away!

The shop had a demonstration of a way to make simple 4 patches, and everyone who made a set got in for a drawing.

The blocks are going to be made into a charity project!

DSC_3551Our second stop in Logan was the Bernina Store, “Stylish Fabrics”.

Another great store with a large selection of fabric…

Our last stop was in Brigham City, one of my favorite quilt stores e.v.e.r.!  And would you believe it, I forgot to take pictures there!!!  I’ll be headed over there sometime this week and take a few shots!

DSC_3557Only 2 of the shops had the fabric license plates, but all of them had a fun pattern.  And check out the pin!  I love to collect them!

  (Between you and me, I like the Bear Lake Monster the best!  Bwahahahahha.  I am such a nerd!)

Thanks for joining me on my first Row by Row stop!


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6 Responses to “Row By Row Experience! Day 1…”

  1. Susan Hales Says:

    Makes me so happy !!!!

  2. mandymunroe Says:

    What a great trip!

  3. wombatquilts Says:

    Oh I like those fish… to cute.

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