Row by Row, with a purpose!

Once again, our town is having a quilt show…  Today, I made double duty of collecting my Row by Row patterns and dropping

off fliers for the quilt show to all of our local Quilt Shops!  121_0549Sew and Save already had our flier up!  Thanks Sew and Save!!!  Cute clothesline pattern from them!

121_0546I hit Quilter’s Attic and got a great license and umbrella pattern!  Thanks for posting our flier!

121_0548Next, K and H!  Cute shop!  They have the b.e.s.t. sale fabrics!!!  Plus they had a license plate, and a gorgeous row…

It’s so pretty, I’m going to put it together separately as a table runner.  Thanks for posting our flier!!!

121_0550And last, for quilt shops, My Heritage Fabrics!  Another fabulous umbrella pattern!  They posted our flier as well!

I took fliers to several of the craft stores, and fabric stores that weren’t participating in the Row by Row.  Only 1 of the stores was unable to post it!

I have a few more local stores to get them to in the next day or two and I’ll be done!  Yay!  Now I’ve got to get started on my Challenge Quilt…


121_0552Todays’ awesome haul!!!  Thanks for visiting!


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2 Responses to “Row by Row, with a purpose!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    I’ve been following the “Row by Row” shop hops and find them so fun. Around here many of the gals have finished their quilts and brought them back to the shops, with the winner declared. Such a great participation idea!!!!!!

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