Summer fun!

I know I’ve been a little negligent in the Blogosphere, but I’ve been having a fun summer!

127_0557Last week we hit the free concert at Draper Park featuring the band, America, with Tapestry Live performing Carole King music…

127_0556Tapestry Live was great!  I loved their renditions!  And then came America…127_0570My friend and her husband made it a double date Friday!127_0566And not only that, but I have a bumper crop of Blackberries this year!

I made Blackberry Jam 2 days ago, and picked enough this morning for another batch!

127_0575I am doing some quilting, I just have been naughty and not getting pictures!  I’ll try to post some of the fun things I’m working on in the next couple of days…  Thanks for stopping by!

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6 Responses to “Summer fun!”

  1. Espirational Says:

    Sounds like a great concert. Glad you had fun!

  2. Silvana (a.k.a. Silort Says:

    wow!! Greatsummer, Ruthie!!
    I looove Carole King, too!!
    and I would love to task your blackberry jam!!! :))

  3. laflor5233 Says:

    I’m guilty as well, but we deserve to have fun.

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