My latest (almost) finish!

In one of my groups that meet once a month, we do a little hand project to keep up busy!  When Leslie was in charge of it, she decided we were going to do a quilt.  Yikes!  I had just started a Mystery and wasn’t happy about starting another one…  Kicking and screaming, I cut my aqua fabrics into the correct sizes.  Then we all exchanged the precut pieces of varying colors.  We used a curved ruler (I’ll post a picture later if I remember) and sub cut them into convex and concave curves.  We paired them with their partner and stitched them up.  Some of them were sub-cut at this point into squares.

The pattern we were doing put them together in another form, but I always have to do my own thing!  (I really wanted to quilt circles…)  We added some white pieces to make the + symbols.  I added the grey newsprint fabric and had gotten 4 yards of the gorgeous border fabric.  This is my favorite quilt to date!  (And it’s not predominately white so I don’t have to worry quite so much about ruining it.  LOL!  We all have to have our priorities!)  I quilted it on my Mid-Arm Pfaff Quilter.  I still have to add a sleeve, label, and stitch in some thread ends…  That’s why it’s an “almost” finish!


Some closeups on the quilting…



And the back…127_0586Hope you like it!  I’ll be entering it in some quilt shows over the coming year…


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14 Responses to “My latest (almost) finish!”

  1. alyciadianne Says:

    It is absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Michelle S Says:

    I love it Ruthie!

  3. KerryCan Says:

    It’s wonderful–what a great use of colors!

  4. thecraftypioneer Says:

    How gorgeous!

  5. Gina Says:

    I love your quilt! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m sorry if I missed this somewhere in the post, but will you be selling a pattern for this beauty?

  6. kittywilkin Says:

    It’s gorgeous, Ruthie! I love the combination of colors and grey, and that’s a great point about not worrying about getting it dirty! 🙂 I just make white-background quilts with the idea that they are meant to become grey. Lovely!

  7. 2bleubirdzsssing4u Says:

    I like this pattern. I’m not so brave on the bindings yet, but that print is adorable!

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