A Couple of Goodies for RQG’s Raffle Basket…

 Roy Quilt Guild is making a “bird” themed basket to raffle off for Utah Quilt Guild’s Quilt Festival in September…  These are a couple of little things I got to go in the basket.  I made 2 of the quilt tops several years ago for a swap and never finished the second one.  Finally getting around to it for the  basket!127_0622A little Hummingbird feeder and Quilt!  I think they’ll be cute in the basket…

Thanks for stopping by!


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11 Responses to “A Couple of Goodies for RQG’s Raffle Basket…”

  1. Paula Says:

    This mini is so very gorgeous! I’ve seen your “Take Flight” too, that you made for a swap, where can I get the hummingbirds pattern? I’d love to sew some! thanks so much!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      Thank you Paula! The hummingbird pattern came from a magazine called “Quilts With Style”. It’s no longer in print, but back issues can be found on e-bay. Also, the designers are now at equilts, so try googling them! Good luck!

  2. Paula Says:

    thank you so much! off to ebay now. xxxx

  3. Paula Says:

    sorry to ask you again, can you tell me which issue # is it from? I found a lot of back issues, but no idea where I can find the hummingbirds. Thank you so much!

  4. 2bleubirdzsssing4u Says:

    Beautiful! Hummingbirds are one of my latest obsessions, along with Ruby-crowned Kinglets and Gelato ombres. I wonder what this quilt pattern would look like with Gelato ombres…Thanks for the inspiration.

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