And here’s a little more progress…

The deadline for the Utah State Fair is rapidly approaching…  I’ll share my challenge quilt when the Fair opens!  Before the deadline on Thursday, I have to get my label made and sewn on.  I also have to get the quilt ready for hanging.  It’s almost there!

These are some projects that I’ve been working on as well…

127_0650This is a “Happy Chemo” quilt that is going to be turned in this week.

127_0647I got this one quilted for m partner in the Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap.  The deadline for that is coming up as well!

127_0648This is another layout of the same quilt, with the blocks positioned differently.

(You may see something similar with my Fair Challenge Quilt, but shhhh….  Don’t tell!)

I have 2 more client quilts to get quilted, but both are relatively small.  More coming soon!  Thanks for stopping by…


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9 Responses to “And here’s a little more progress…”

  1. Shop Joya Says:

    Beautiful work.

  2. Shop Joya Says:

    Reblogged this on ShopJoya Magazine and commented:
    Quilts by “Ruthie quilts! And quilts…”

  3. Shop Joya Says:

    Reblogged. Let us know of future quilts you create for compassionate causes. We will be happy to highlight them on our page and on our social media platforms. ~ShopJoya

  4. Verónica Says:


  5. laflor5233 Says:

    Looks hard to make, but very pretty.

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