Back to the Birds…

I haven’t posted a bird blog in awhile, but I haven’t stopped stalking them or taking their pictures…  (It’s a good thing it’s not illegal!)


Bear with me as this post is extremely picture heavy!

DSC_5022Caught this Sand Hill Crane in Wyoming on the way to Lyman’s Quilt Store.  That pretty red color on his shoulders is stain from rolling in the mud!

DSC_5102This is an Osprey at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge…

DSC_5112Check out that mouthful of fish!  Yes, he did manage to swallow it whole…  Great Blue Heron at the BRMBR (Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge)

DSC_5122Snowy Egret in flight at the BRMBR…

DSC_5247Great Blue Heron fluffing his feathers…

DSC_5352Juvenile Night Heron in flight…  These guys are very shy and hard to get a picture of!DSC_5637A female Broad Tailed Hummingbird in my front yard…  🙂


Western Grebe and babies out for a ride! BRMBR (I love this about Grebes!  They’ll even dive with the babies on their backs…)

DSC_6134And isn’t this a handsome fellow?  Caught him up in the Ogden Valley this weekend!  Great Horned Owl…

DSC_6135And he’s off…!

DSC_6234Red Breasted Nuthatch.  Got this little guy this weekend too…  First Nuthatch!  He’s a cutie!

DSC_6152And my first Red-naped Sapsucker!  Two new species this weekend!  Score!

Thanks for visiting!  Your favorite Bird Nerd…


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2 Responses to “Back to the Birds…”

  1. utahoosier Says:

    Great pictures, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

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