Featured Teacher from UQG’s Quilt Festival!!!

Today I wanted to feature one of my favorite quilt artists whom I was lucky enough to take a class from at UQG’s Quilt Festival this past week.

This is a picture of Cynthia England and myself the day of our class. 127_0699It was so fun to meet her in person…  Who knew she was such a hoot?!  (We won’t talk about the special fabric that she gave away to a sweet little lady in the audience.  It had us all in stitches!)

127_0702This was the class that I took from her…  I’m thinking it’s a 2 year project!  She developed a technique called “Picture Piecing”.  If you’d like to try it out, she has a couple of free patterns on her site!  http://englanddesign.com/  It uses freezer paper on the front of the fabric so the pattern doesn’t have to be reversed.

127_0703Her kits were amazing!!!  Everything in them that you need and in order.  Talk about organization!

127_0704She had us all prepare our color/fabric guides before we got started.

And ta da!!!  This is my progress after a full day of class time and several hours at home as well…127_0738Hmmm…  That’s why I say it’s my 2 year project.  (P.s. none of the fabric is supposed to show between the paper pieces.  I may have to use some creative Micron use when it’s finished!  Shhhh…  Don’t tell the quilt police!

Here are a couple of Cynthia England’s beautiful quilts to inspire you.

127_0722This quilt is pretty big…  It looks small in the picture.  Sorry the lighting is bad, but it was in the big auditorium where lunch was held.

127_0661And this one was hanging in her booth at the show…  What a gorgeous work of art!

(I saw this quilt featured in a calendar on the bathroom wall at one of my local quilt stores, and fell in love!  I’ve been a big fan of Cynthia England’s ever since.  And not in a crazy stalker sort of way either.)  😉

I bought one of her books and have actually use her technique on several challenge quilts!

More coming on Quilt Fest soon…  Thanks for stopping by!

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6 Responses to “Featured Teacher from UQG’s Quilt Festival!!!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    This where you’ve been!!!! It looks like a technique that’s “right up your alley”!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. laflor5233 Says:

    Wow, looks very hard to do.

  3. Silvana (a.k.a. Silort) Says:

    Dear Ruthie, you are a very lucky girl for having the opportunity to take this amazing class! Can’t to wait to see your masterpieces with this new technique!

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