Another Post on UQG’s Quilt Festival…

There really was too much fun going on at Quilt Fest to only post once!

127_0705The luncheons are always such fun!  Left to right:  Sheri, Pam (behind Sheri), Jane, Denise, Vivian, Patsy, and Diane!  We were the rowdy table…

127_0709Denise and Vivian…

127_0707Pam and Jane!

127_0736I made all of these fun things in Deonn’s class…  She can be found at  This was in her “Snippets” class.  The kits were a.w.e.s.o.m.e.  Everything was already cut out so all we had to do is sew!  Thanks Deonn!!!  (Deonn and I met online in a flickr house swap.  I run into her at different quilting events around the valley.  She is so fun in person!)

And the last class I took was Emily’s “7 Sisters”!

127_0740Look what I got finished!  (Okay, I worked on it at home too, but still a quick finish!)

Emily is in one of my local guilds and she is such a talent!  She can be found at

We have a lot of fabulous quilters around here…  Both Emily and Deonn have had the covers of different magazines!

And I suppose I should show you my Fair Challenge Quilt…

127_0727The challenge fabric is the white with all the colored circles…  Those colored circles were great inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by!  (p.s. Poukie is such a ham!)


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4 Responses to “Another Post on UQG’s Quilt Festival…”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Rowdy is ok in my books!!!!! Do I see a blue ribbon??? Wow! and those projects are wonderful!!!!!!

  2. Deonn Says:

    So fun to hang out with you at Quilt Fest! Ruthie, you are the life of the party and I love that you got all your little “Snippets” done in class! Teacher’s pet, for sure…

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      LOL! I’m glad I sat next to that gal Kim… She’s a great example on how to complete stuff fast! You are fun to hang out with as well! (I love seeing you at Quilt Fest and HMQS… Wish you lived closer!)

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