Another Happy Chemo Quilt Finished!

I just finished quilting this pretty little quilt for Happy Chemo…  The quilt top was made by my friend and her quilting group, Emily, of Aunt Em’s quilts…  Her blog can be found here:  She has a group that gets together and quilts one day a month.  I joined her last month making up a plethora of HST’s that she had precut.  Patsy and Leslie came with me…  So much fun!  I took this sandwich to get quilted for someone who is going through chemo.  I understand it can chill a person during their infusion, and what better than a happy little lap quilt to warm them up?127_0785Thanks for joining me!


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3 Responses to “Another Happy Chemo Quilt Finished!”

  1. Doreen Says:

    That color combo is both warming and peaceful… perfect for this group.

  2. laflor5233 Says:

    Very pretty.

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