Farmington Bay last week…


We took a beautiful drive out to Farmington Bay last week…  We saw this lovely lady, a female Ring-tailed Pheasant hoping to not get eaten by the migrating visitors.  (Or the locals for that matter!)


And this, is one of the current migrating visitors out there right now!

I really am trying for the perfect Bald Eagle picture, but I haven’t had success yet!


And isn’t this the perfect day at the beach?  A frozen land with Great Blue Herons.


I think these are some of the coolest (no pun intended) birds out there!  Great Blue Heron, or “Mr. GBH” as we like to call him.

DSC_9073Even though this little Kestral is small, he is truly a beautiful bird!  And deadly…  That Pheasant better watch out for him as well!

Thanks for visiting!  I’m feeling the need to go out again…


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5 Responses to “Farmington Bay last week…”

  1. adaisygarden Says:

    Beautiful photos! Loved looking at the eagle up close – that’s a pretty great pose of it with the wings spread. The last one is so pretty with the wonderful colors. It’s amazing how much wild “life” is around when it’s so cold!

  2. treadlemusic Says:

    You’ve been on the prowl for that perfect photo for as long as I’ve been reading your jottings! Your ‘shots’ are gorgeous and I enjoy each and every one of them!!! The eagles are something that I/we see all the time along the Mississippi River near us (and, at times, near our little farm since we’re not far from a small river).

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