Birds on the Prowl… And an Ungulate for good measure!

I’ve been out hunting for birds over the last few weeks and have found some unexpected treasures here at my local pond!

This post is heavy on photos…  (Surprise surprise!)  Feel free to click on the pictures to view better!


This is the last bird I’d have ever expected to find 2 blocks away from my house!  It’s a Juvenile Night Heron!  I am amazed!  (I hunted and hunted for these at all of the bird refuges that I go to.  This is the best picture that I’ve taken and it’s at the pond where I sometimes jog…)

DSC_9466This gorgeous fellow/lady (anyone know?) Great Blue Heron was at Farmington Bay a few weeks ago.

DSC_9610Female Harrier snacking on a duck like bird.  It’s to hard to look closely enough to identify it.  It has an eye.  Yikes!   (You may not want to click on this one…)

DSC_9753These pretty gents are male Canvasbacks, again at my local pond!

We have decided that it is too funny that in the birding world, the males get all the looks!  (While most of the females are drab brown and almost impossible to distinguish apart from other ducks.)

DSC_9711This isn’t a great shot as it was dumping down rain, but this is a female Common Merganser.  Again at my local pond!

DSC_9786A handsome American Kestral was watching for food from his lofty perch…

DSC_9846This wasn’t my neighborhood.  LOL!  Every couple of weeks we go out hunting for Bald Eagles.  This is a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  Maybe a second year?  Anyone want to pitch in?

DSC_9880Bambi’s Mom.  Love the sparkles in the snow…  Squirrel!

DSC_9962This Belted Kingfisher was at my pond as well…  Such cool birds!  First time I’ve gotten a picture of this one at the pond…

DSC_9477And last, but not least, a picture of a Great Blue Heron that looks a little like me…

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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12 Responses to “Birds on the Prowl… And an Ungulate for good measure!”

  1. Raewyn Says:

    Great photos! What a winter wonderland!

  2. adaisygarden Says:

    Pretty! So much fun taking pictures of nature, right?!

  3. Sue Tanner Says:

    So jealous of your fantastic photos!

  4. jan Smith Says:

    Love seeing your blog you are solucky to be able to photograph all these lovely birds and animals

  5. soma @ Says:

    You have become a fabulous photographer, Ruth 🙂


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