Some recent finishes!

I’ve been scarce due to frequent birding and working on client/charity quilts…  Just wanted to show you all some progress that I’ve been making.


I quilted this fun quilt for my friend Susan!  Milo had to give it his seal of approval…

127_0971I quilted this charity quilt for my friend Vivian…  It came out kind of fun!


This is another little quilt I quilted for Vivian for charity as well…

127_0987And this one was for Vivian too…  It was made with fabrics from her Mother.

She used minky for the back which was a really fun way to see the quilting!

127_0991Isn’t this fun?!!


This is my son’s “seizure quilt”.  I made numerous dresden flowers and they sat unfinished for several years waiting to be hand appliqued onto blocks.  My son had multiple seizures and I had to sit within 10 minutes of his school so 9-1-1 didn’t have to be called.  (I had emergency meds that would stop the seizures but the school couldn’t give it without calling for an ambulance.)

Thus, I sat at a park a block away so I could get there and give him the meds and then take him home.  I hand stitched all of the flower centers and dresdens on while sitting at the park.  Thankfully, his seizures are under control now!

So it was waiting in “quilt top” form for another couple of years.  This was my UFO that was drawn to be quilted in Layton Quilt Guild last month.


Now it will go in the UFO pile needing binding.  I’ve got several waiting.  Meh.  🙂


And I just got this off the frame for Happy Chemo!  Done!!!!

I have 3 blocks and a bag to get done now.  Yikes!


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10 Responses to “Some recent finishes!”

  1. jan Says:

    love them such fun yes

  2. Sue Tanner Says:

    Love your work, very talented.

  3. soma @ Says:

    Beautiful quilting, Ruth and it’s ALWAYS good to see Milo 🙂


  4. fromsomewherewithlovex Says:

    I love that Dresden one – looks really traditional 🙂

  5. skalabara Says:

    Thanks for sharing, all quilts are great! My favorite is the first one with Milo checking. Barbora

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