Birds galore and a turtle to boot! It must be spring!!!

I have been sadly lacking when it’s come to posting here on my blog.  Although I have been busy quilting away!  And birding.  Which I seem to find myself doing more and more lately!  Any excuse, right?!  LOL!  Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks.  I was thrilled to find a new bird for my collection (pictures) yesterday at a local park!

I’ll start with them first!


These are two female and male Hooded Mergansers I took pictures of yesterday at a local park.  I went back today because none of my pictures came out worth a darn!  Today’s were much better…

DSC_1709This was a few weeks ago out at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.  The little black and white duck like birds are Common Goldeneyes.

DSC_1856These are Northern Pintails in flight.  I love the mountains here!

DSC_1900This is a Horned Lark.  I love his horns…  They look like a bad toupee.

DSC_1906Starlings picking on a Bison…

DSC_1914It’s sleepy time out at the Fielding Garr Ranch.  This Great Horned Owl wishes he weren’t so photogenic!

DSC_1938This cute little Song Sparrow sings it’s little heart out…

DSC_2168Yesterday at Kaysville Ponds…

DSC_2210Spring must be here!  I spotted my first turtle out sunning himself!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

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11 Responses to “Birds galore and a turtle to boot! It must be spring!!!”

  1. Raewyn Says:

    I love your photos – what a lovely time of the year!

  2. adaisygarden Says:

    Love the photos! Ah..wish I could go outside today, but I’ve been sick and I’m just glad to be feeling better today. Your photos are like going to the park…except there’s no bison or mountains around here. Haha! The little sparrow is so cute, and I love the photos of the mountains.

  3. danielwalldammit Says:

    Gorgeous pics. The bison with the birds atop is especially cool.

  4. soma @ Says:

    These photos are gorgeous, Ruth!! You live in such a beautiful place.


  5. shhdesignsblog Says:

    Lovely photos, looks cold with all that snow hanging around, and then you see the turtle…keep warm and enjoy the sun!

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