Strutting Their Stuff…

I had the pleasure Sunday of attending a “lec” of Greater Sage Grouse.  We started out our day leaving our house at 4 am.  We grabbed a quick bite of fast food and proceeded to a site in Northern Utah where male Greater Sage Grouse gather.  A “lec” occurs in the springtime when males get together to show their “Manliness” in hope to attract mates.

We arrived at the site well before dawn.  As the sky prepared to lighten in the East, a curious thumping/drumming/whistling/popping began to sound in the distance.  We then noticed some faint white reflectors across the black field to our right.  My son stated, “They’re moving!”  Sure enough, they weren’t reflectors, but male Sage Grouse displaying their large white chests.  The drumming/whistling sounds came from puffing their chests and thrusting their heads.


A male Greater Sage Grouse fans his tail and tries to look extra special for the ladies!DSC_3885

“Look at how manly I am!  You know you want to be mine…”


“And this is my good side..”


Even a studly Grouse like this guy need to rest after a while…  Being all big and puffed out can be exhausting!DSC_3946

Even in the pitch black early morning we could see their white chests moving on the hillside…


And “Wow” when the sun came up!

 I got to add another bird to my life list!  Thanks for visiting the lec with me…


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9 Responses to “Strutting Their Stuff…”

  1. belindagroverphotography Says:

    Quite the display, terrific shots!

  2. Beezus Says:

    Wow, Ruth, that’s an amazing thing to experience! I love all your birding outings. 🙂

  3. Quilt Musings Says:

    What a great experience! Fantastic pictures, and love the dialogue!

  4. natalyadrian Says:

    What an interesting looking bird! I like its “scarf”. Great pics!! Cheers, Nataly

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