And here are a couple more…

102_1116Finally got this one quilted!


Still have to trim some threads…102_1121And I finished this Scrappy Bear Paw that was designed by my friend Emily Bailey aka “Aunt Em’s Quilts”   This pattern was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine!  My friends Denise, Patsy, and Leslie exchanged HST’s with me so we’d have a bigger variety.  It is such a fun pattern!  Emily came and taught us how to put it together in a Sew-In in Layton Quilt Guild.  Thanks Em!!!

You can see why I was so busy over the last few weeks!  LOL!  Now, onto quilting another Happy Chemo Quilt…  Thanks for stopping by!

2 Responses to “And here are a couple more…”

  1. Texas Quilting Says:

    The thread color for the quilting in the top one really sets that off – beautiful! The bear claw looks great also – how fun to swap blocks!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      It really does make it more fun to swap! I wasn’t sure about the tread when I first started as it’s not quite the right shade, but I really liked it as I was using it… Thanks!

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