Some highlights from my vacation…

It was definitely a “driving” vacation.  No rest what-so-ever!  LOL!  I’m exhausted…

Here are some highlights:

DSC_5736We started out at Coral Pink Sand Dunes, a Utah State Park.  These beautiful Lupine are so pretty against the orange sands…

DSC_5731And the Yuccas are in bloom.  So pretty!  And yes, it was hot!

DSC_5797Next we hit a roadside attraction on the Navajo Reservation.  The dinosaur tracks were pretty cool!

DSC_5809And who doesn’t appreciate dinosaur poop?  (I’ve always wanted to say that!  LOL!)


Says it all, doesn’t it?

DSC_5993Next we hit the Grand Canyon!  It was grand!  (And a canyon to boot…)

100_4829Love the tower at the East end of the Park…

DSC_6025And being hot, even the elk want to take a drink from the spring water fountains.  (I filled my water bottle from the tap on the far left…)

*No humans were hurt in the taking of this picture.  Or elk.  Yes, I have a long lens and know better!

DSC_6160Next, we hit Joshua Tree National Park.  (All the Joshua Trees are on the other side of the park where we didn’t go.)

But this cactus/bush/thing flower was pretty!

DSC_6222And this was for my 12 year old boy…  We toured “The Queen Mary”.  Awesome tour and tour guide, James.

“This waaaay my famiiily…”  Every time he led us to a new area, our tour guide said this!

And I appreciate all of the drama/acting experience available in Southern California!!!  It made for a great tour!


This hallway reminds me of the “Shining”.  It comes to mind any time I’m in a long, spooky hallway.

I wait for two little girls in blue at the end of the hall…  (Yes, this may be a theme for me!)

DSC_6431Next on to Sequoia National Park.  This is a pretty flower growing there…  Nope, no idea what kind.

And yup, the trees were gorgeous and big!  Impossible to do them justice!

100_4920And the drive goes on to Yosemite Valley.  El Capitan pictured here…  Look how dry the grass looks in this area even though it’s spring!


Yosemite Falls I think…  Let me know if I’m wrong!

100B4936The valley was so green here!  Traffic was super heavy…  Wish it were a little more wild, but those places are rapidly disappearing!

More to come later…  Thanks for joining me on my vacation!!!


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12 Responses to “Some highlights from my vacation…”

  1. Raewyn Says:

    Wow, you saw some sights – it looks fabulous!!

  2. Maria Says:

    I truly appreciated your posts, your photography, beautiful, and the comments. Being in NEast and dreaming of seeing the West, this is the best I can do, to watch your post. thanks

  3. kittywilkin Says:

    Looks like a great time! I think that red plant is snowplant (Sarcodes sanguinea). It’s similar to Indian pipe! And the biologist in me is really irked by that sign! Spiders and scorpions and centipedes are not reptiles!! Either way, what gorgeous travels you are taking! Thank you for sharing these photos!

    • ruthiequilts Says:

      LOL! The sign cracked me up. I heard the Wizard of Oz thing, “Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my!” But maybe I’m alone there.. LOL! Glad to share! (Thanks for the info on the Sarcodes sanguinea aka snowplant.)

  4. treadlemusic Says:

    Luv the dinosaur everything!!!!!

  5. KerryCan Says:

    Wow–one gorgeous photo after another. The trip of a lifetime!

  6. soma @ Says:

    What a road trip, Ruth!! Loved the photos!! Link up on Wandering Camera next month?! 🙂


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