How small is too small?!

Yes, I do have a thing for little quilts!  The Mini QT Swap on flickr decided to do a tiny quilt swap, less than 6 inches, so I knew I had to play!  (Even though I’ve sworn off swapping.  It’s mini, I had to do it!  Oh, and next month is “Beach” theme, so I have to do that one as well!)

Anyhoo, staying to making my favorite block/quilt, I decided to do a mini NYB.  16 1 inch blocks.  Yes, I am nuts!  But they’re so cute…  And tiny…


Here are the arcs waiting for the applique pieces to finish them…


I’m making 2 of them as I already know I’ll want to keep the one I’m making!

So that’s the question…  How small is too small?!

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14 Responses to “How small is too small?!”

  1. Quilt Musings Says:

    I am torn between awe and concern for your sanity! I have a full size NYB on my ‘someday’ list but have yet to get the courage to start!

  2. laflor5233 Says:


  3. treadlemusic Says:

    You’ve reached it!!!!!! LOL!

  4. Debbierose Says:

    Cute torture 😂

  5. brambletonthreads Says:

    Amazing. Never too small.

  6. Raewyn Says:

    Fabulous!! I’m looking forwartd to seeing the final result!

  7. knitnkwilt Says:

    So long as you can see fabric after taking a seam, it is not too small yet. LOL. Love this one!

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