Ta da!!! 5 3/8ths inch square!!!

I asked myself, “Can I do it?”  The answer is, “Yes I can!”

Here is the completed Teeny Tiny quilt swap that I am making for my partner on flickr in the MQTS  (Mini QT Swap) group.  I’ve made 2 of them so I could keep one for myself…  (Although mine is different colors/layout!)

100_5137I don’t know if you remember or not, but my mini quilt “Wee Red and White Delight was made using 1.5 inch blocks finished.  This one is 1 inch finished blocks…  I don’t think I want to try it any smaller.  (Unless…)

Thanks for stopping by!


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10 Responses to “Ta da!!! 5 3/8ths inch square!!!”

  1. Debbierose Says:

    Words cannot describe how cute this block is! Or how dedicated you are to miniatures

  2. Quilt Musings Says:


  3. shhdesignsblog Says:

    You are insane! But very creative and successful. Lucky recipient!

  4. Raewyn Says:

    Welll done!!

  5. brambletonthreads Says:

    I love the suns! Wow! Stunning work.

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