Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Festival!!!

uqg-quilt-fest-survivalJust in case you haven’t heard, we had some very interesting weather for Quilt Fest this year!!!

100_5442First, the torrential rain.  I was in the Vendors Mall helping out one of my volunteers…  The lights were flickering, so I told some of the Vendors that I would talk to management.  I walked out the door to this!  Looking out in the parking lot, I could see the bed cover on my truck flapping around in the wind.  I ran out to latch it down properly…  Whew!  Made it before the window broke or the cover was ripped off.

100_5450After the rain, came the rainbow!

100_5457We had a tornado (very unusual for Utah) touch down about 20 minutes to the North, although we had trees down all over the place here in Layton.  This U-Haul had been parked about 30 yards away from the Fifth wheel.  It came to within a foot of hitting it!

Word nerd that I am, I thought the name for the Fifth Wheel was Quite the co-incidence!

Meanwhile, back at the Davis Convention Center…

100_5453The Vendors Mall was dark.

100_5456The Quilt show was dark.

100_5446Linda M. Poole continued teaching in the dark once she and her students pulled the tables out into the lobby.

Talk about dedication!!!  Several of the teachers held classes by flash light and cell phone light!

Our Past President, Cindy Hutchinson went to the store and bought rolls/ meat/ cheese/ cookies/ fruit to keep us all happy and well fed.

It only took her an hour to go out as there were trees across the roads, in addition to downed power lines…

There were fireworks out across the street from the parking lot when the power company tried to turn back on the lights.  Needless to say, it wasn’t until 0500 in the morning before power was restored!  I forgot how hard it was to do anything in the dark!!!

More coming on classes I took at Quilt Fest a little while later…  It was such a fun time.  (Even the storm added a bit of excitement!)

Thanks for stopping by…


4 Responses to “Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Festival!!!”

  1. KerryCan Says:

    Wow! That’s a crazy string of events–no one will ever forget that quilt show!

  2. laflor5233 Says:

    What an adventure.

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