Sorry to be so scarce!!!

Well, here I go again being too busy to pay my blog much attention.  We did something so fun today I just had to share!

My family took a drive out to the Spiral Jetty on the Northern end of the Great Salt Lake.  The Spiral Jetty was created between 1938 and 1973 by Robert Smithson.  It is only visible when there is extremely low water levels in the Great Salt Lake.

dsc_8785There were so many things that called for photographs, I couldn’t help myself!

dsc_8701Somebody set this battered old chair on the swirl of the Spiral Jetty.  I’m not sure I’d dare sit in it!

dsc_8706The salt crystals were incredible!  The look like ice, but they’re salt…

dsc_8722There were these cool crater things that had salt crystals growing in the bottoms of them…  We wonder if they’re formed by some kind of mussels?

dsc_8724So beautiful!!!

dsc_8731What an incredible view!!!

dsc_8739There were numerous fields of salt that seemed to flow into the water.  I almost expected to slip!


dsc_8770And this is what salt does to metal…  There are old remains of a pier here that are being ravaged by salt and weather….

And what could end the day perfectly?dsc_8873A very cooperative juvenile Golden Eagle!  We saw 2 or 3 on the way there and back.  Definitely at least 1 adult and 1 juvenile.  What a great day!!!

Thanks for visiting the Spiral Jetty with me…


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5 Responses to “Sorry to be so scarce!!!”

  1. KerryCan Says:

    I’ve always wanted to see this jetty in person–but your photos are almost as good–really neat!

  2. adaisygarden Says:

    Gorgeous photos! 😊

  3. Sorry to be so scarce!!! | Ruthie quilts! And quilts... Says:

    […] Source: Sorry to be so scarce!!! […]

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