Dying to dye!!!

Because I don’t have enough hobbies, I decided to try my hand at fabric dying!

(Always useful for a quilter no doubt…)  😉  I have a FB friend Sondra Millard who has published a fabulous book on ice dyeing.  It can be found here:  (Click on the “Home” icon to go to Sondra’s site.)


I had to give it a go!!!  100_5497My, my…  Not much to look at here…

100_5498Throw on some ice and…

Ta Da!!!


I think I’m in love!!!  Oh the projects in mind, the ideas racing through my brain!!!  A special thanks to Lisa Chin http://somethingcleveraboutnothing.blogspot.com/

for my first foray into dyeing fabric, and to Sondra Millard for the courage to continue!!!  Sondra’s book, “Having a Meltdown” tells you step by step how to do it.  I am soooooooo happy with the results!

Thanks for stopping by!  Smooches…


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4 Responses to “Dying to dye!!!”

  1. treadlemusic Says:

    Oh dear!!!! I’m trying to ignore this…….trying…..trying……sigh…….

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