It’s a New Year! And for me, a time to finish some UFO’s…


This year, the Utah Quilt Guild is encouraging it’s members to complete UFO’s every month…  I added up all of my UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) and have found that I have at least 59 in all stages of completion.  (If I don’t count all of the Bitty Blocks I have in my bag…)  I have challenged myself to complete half of them this year.  Yup!  That’s right!  30 UFO’s by New Year’s Eve…  That said, I had better get busy!

Above is a quilt that was all finished except for the binding…  Done!


This little quilt just needed a binding as well…  I won’t move along as fast when my bindings are done!


This one needed binding as well…  I stitched this one on by hand.  The other two were done by machine.  Thanks to my buddy Susie for teaching me how to do it so it looks nice!


This little beauty was made by my friend LaRae D.  We did a swap, but she gave me 2 little appliqued tops in exchange for one completed mini.  This one had been waiting for me to get to it for a while…  If you look at this picture closely, you can see “pokeys” in the outer border.  (Places where the white thread was pulled up from the back.)  Tension issues.  Here’s a little tip…  I will take a black Micron pen to each of those little white dots.  Ta da!  It will work like a charm!  Done!!!

156_6313This one isn’t a UFO, but is part of the final swap being held on flickr at the Mini QT Swap…  Still needs some finish work.  The pattern is called, “Open Wide” by “”  It’s a cute little bag!  Well, I have a few more finishes to get done by the end of  the month.  I’ll try to be better about posting!

😉 Ruthiequilts


7 Responses to “It’s a New Year! And for me, a time to finish some UFO’s…”

  1. TextileRanger Says:

    That is a phenomenal amount of work! Beautiful quilting! Great inspiration at the start of the year.

  2. Raewyn Says:

    Sometimes we just need a little push to get these ‘small’ things done don’t we?! Well done on your beautiful finishes!

  3. Bonnie Miles Says:

    You are a trooper ! Good job – and good luck.

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