Two more quick finishes before the end of January!!!

2 more quick finishes for the Utah Quilt Guild’s UFO challenge for this year!

This is my 2017 Kaffe and Friends quilt taught by Kaye Evans…  I added some solids and a few hand dyed fabrics to make it more “me”!  Milo definitely approves and he thinks my little folk art bird design block looks good enough to eat…  😉  This one needed binding!

I find myself adding bird blocks/quilting to everything I make these days!  (For some reason…)  Again, my center block features my folk art bird surrounded by a floral vine.  Funny story…  I started this design at Winter Quilt retreat last year at Bryce.  (Thanks for the memories Bonnie!)  I needed a circle to trace so I could start my vine design.  There were some big lamp shades on the lamps by the pool.  I took one off and drew a big circle from the bottom and a little circle from the top of the lamp shade, and then drew my circle in between the two sizes.  It worked out perfectly!  (Then I may have put the lamp shade on my head for good measure.  You know, everyone’s a comic…  And added a little song and dance for my friends!) This one needed binding finished.  I did this one by hand and the previous one by machine.

Good to have these 6 quilts finished for January!!!!  Woot!  Woot!


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