March’s UFO’s…

It’s been another super busy month here for me!  I have been quilting like a mad woman in addition to finishing more UFO’s.  (Not to mention starting a few new ones!  LOL!)  I suppose if I don’t start more than I finish that’s good, right?!

This is a block swap I did in Layton Quilt Guild a few years ago…  It was only to the “block” stage.  Now it’s done!

I took this class from Linda Poole at UQG Quilt Fest the year before last.  It just needed final borders, the nest applied, and quilted…  Another finish!  Woot!  Woot!

This quilt was designed by my friend Emily at Aunt Em’s quilts…  I had to finish my tree border and then quilt and bind this one.  Gosh it feels good to get some of these UFO’s done…

I started this quilt many moons ago…  I call it my “seizure quilt”, as I sewed the dresdens down by hand while hanging out near my son’s school waiting for him to maybe have a seizure.  I am glad those days are mostly gone!  He’s been pretty stable the last few years…  Milo had to make an appearance, just for fun!

This is another quilt that Emily designed…  I didn’t use enough value contrast so there it sat unfinished!  Finally got back to it and got it quilted…

This one isn’t an official UFO as it isn’t quilted and so didn’t meet the requirement of the Utah Quilt Guild’s UFO Challenge this year…  That said, it was still a UFO for me, so I finished it!  (It just needed the screws put back in to hold the seat and backing in place.)

(Yep, that another UFO on the design wall behind it!)

I’m bringing my boy home for a visit for Easter, and so I’ll have to put my design wall away and pull out the Murphy bed!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you all have a Happy Easter and enjoy Spring!!!


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