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Missing in action, or Too busy to be believed?

September 16, 2016

Yes, I am still in the land of the living.  I told my friend Susie that I hadn’t been on the computer in about a week.

She’s said, “I think it’s been longer than that!”  Well, sure enough, it’s been almost 2 weeks!

I have been sewing sewing sewing…  Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on…

100_5352I quilted this quilt for my “Quilty Hugs” group that donates to local charities.  Emily with has a group that meets with her once a month to work on these quilts…

100_5359This is Roy Quilt Guild members who have finished working on their mystery quilts.  (Okay, the 2 on the left are mine as I taught the mystery!)  I’ll post more next month as the tops come in…

100_5371And here’s my little quilt at the fair…  😉

100_5394This is Susie’s quilt that I quilted for her which she created using Emily’s pattern!  (I love that!)

100_5397I quilted this for a client!

100_5400And last, but not least is my “Going Coastal” quilty for the MQTS group on flickr.

It’s a pattern that I revamped a bit from a previous mini quilt that I designed.

I wanted something that represented Patrick’s State Park in California where we camped this summer.


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll try to be better next time!  😉


Some recent finishes!

February 11, 2016

I’ve been scarce due to frequent birding and working on client/charity quilts…  Just wanted to show you all some progress that I’ve been making.


I quilted this fun quilt for my friend Susan!  Milo had to give it his seal of approval…

127_0971I quilted this charity quilt for my friend Vivian…  It came out kind of fun!


This is another little quilt I quilted for Vivian for charity as well…

127_0987And this one was for Vivian too…  It was made with fabrics from her Mother.

She used minky for the back which was a really fun way to see the quilting!

127_0991Isn’t this fun?!!


This is my son’s “seizure quilt”.  I made numerous dresden flowers and they sat unfinished for several years waiting to be hand appliqued onto blocks.  My son had multiple seizures and I had to sit within 10 minutes of his school so 9-1-1 didn’t have to be called.  (I had emergency meds that would stop the seizures but the school couldn’t give it without calling for an ambulance.)

Thus, I sat at a park a block away so I could get there and give him the meds and then take him home.  I hand stitched all of the flower centers and dresdens on while sitting at the park.  Thankfully, his seizures are under control now!

So it was waiting in “quilt top” form for another couple of years.  This was my UFO that was drawn to be quilted in Layton Quilt Guild last month.


Now it will go in the UFO pile needing binding.  I’ve got several waiting.  Meh.  🙂


And I just got this off the frame for Happy Chemo!  Done!!!!

I have 3 blocks and a bag to get done now.  Yikes!

Another Happy Chemo Quilt Finished!

November 7, 2015

I just finished quilting this pretty little quilt for Happy Chemo…  The quilt top was made by my friend and her quilting group, Emily, of Aunt Em’s quilts…  Her blog can be found here:  She has a group that gets together and quilts one day a month.  I joined her last month making up a plethora of HST’s that she had precut.  Patsy and Leslie came with me…  So much fun!  I took this sandwich to get quilted for someone who is going through chemo.  I understand it can chill a person during their infusion, and what better than a happy little lap quilt to warm them up?127_0785Thanks for joining me!

And here’s a little more progress…

August 31, 2015

The deadline for the Utah State Fair is rapidly approaching…  I’ll share my challenge quilt when the Fair opens!  Before the deadline on Thursday, I have to get my label made and sewn on.  I also have to get the quilt ready for hanging.  It’s almost there!

These are some projects that I’ve been working on as well…

127_0650This is a “Happy Chemo” quilt that is going to be turned in this week.

127_0647I got this one quilted for m partner in the Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap.  The deadline for that is coming up as well!

127_0648This is another layout of the same quilt, with the blocks positioned differently.

(You may see something similar with my Fair Challenge Quilt, but shhhh….  Don’t tell!)

I have 2 more client quilts to get quilted, but both are relatively small.  More coming soon!  Thanks for stopping by…

Busy busy busy…

August 28, 2015

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I have been busy busy busy!  Working on several client quilts, charity quilts, and challenge quilts…

127_0631I did this one for Betty…127_0632And this one as well…

And then two Quilt of Valor Quilts…  127_0638I tried to stick with stars, stripes, and swirls for both of them.

127_0642Now, onto a Halloween quilt for a friend, and a Happy Chemo quilt!

(Plus I’ve been madly plugging away on my fair challenge quilt…  More on that later!)

Thanks for visiting!

Such a precious gift…

May 8, 2015

As many of you may know, I lost my Mother in February to a long battle with Alzheimers.

I have belonged to a group on flickr  for several years called the “Epiphany Group” that makes quilts for online friends who

are having a difficult time.

This time, I was the recipient… DSC_0010My online friends (and one sneaky local friend) each made a block, and sent them on to Quiltedoma (Andrea) who stitched them into a quilt top.  Batting and backing was donated by members and the quilt was quilted by CASharp (Cindy) from “Tops To Treasures”  Bouncypoodle (Pattiann) bound it and applied the label and then Nannette invited my to breakfast.

DSC_0016Nann made the special delivery in person!

DSC_0011My friends made this in my favorite colors…  Each block is a  master piece!

DSC_0100I’ll post some close-ups so you can see them all…DSC_0101


DSC_0103And finally the label…

DSC_0106A special thanks to JGMehlin, Laura VanVleet, Spiced Coffee, Karin F., Quiltedoma, EdyB1, Silort, Mamacjt, DeeRooG, FriedaZZZZ, Mollyjolly, Sewgentle, SandyinBA, Suzy H (sneaky!) Soma, Bouncypoodle, MarilynKB, Yayaquilter, Sewjo, Lesliecan’tstopquilting, Flossieblossoms, CASharp, Nanotchka, JanBran, Sewwunderful, and JanR.  Thank you all for these beautiful blocks!  What a treasure!  There is nothing better than a fabric hug from friends all around the world!  I love you all!

And on to quilting…

April 19, 2015

I finished up the quilting on a “Happy Chemo” quilt yesterday…DSC_0012I’m still trying to get used to my midarm quilting machine…  When I’m near the end, I run out of usable space.  (Mid-arm lamenters’ know what I’m talking about!  LOL!)  Someday I may get a longer arm machine and table…

DSC_0014These are put together by my friend, Emily and her crew for those going through Chemotherapy.  It’s really fun to see how they put all of these oddball block sizes and colors together and come up with something adorable!

DSC_0017Here are some closeups so you can see how I quilted it…

DSC_0018Another view…

DSC_0019I love this section!

DSC_0016And last but not least, an owl and a bee…  I did the owl freehand, but the bee is from another design…

Thanks for visiting!!!

Wonky Houses Published!

December 14, 2014

I’ve been sitting on an exciting bit of news since September…  My friend, Silvana Pereira Coutinho and I swapped wonky house blocks a couple of years ago.  We each made a block for ourselves and each other and traded them via mail.  At the end of 1 year, we had 24 blocks.  (Silvana lives in Brazil.)  I have to say how much I love the opportunity to meet new friends all around the world through the digital medium!  Thanks for participating in this with me Silvana!  You are an awesome friend and designer!

I made mine into a quilt which was in works to be published in NQA’s “The Quilting Quarterly”. I am so excited as I received my contributor copy yesterday!!!  A special “Thanks” goes out to the Editor, Barbara Polston and of course Silvana!  It is an awesome Issue too…  It features some wonderful mini quilts and mini quilt artists.  It is the Winter 2014 issue, Volume 43 Number 4 #173. If you’d like to order a copy, you can visit their site at


I think in celebration, I am going to give away a signed copy to someone who leaves a comment on this blogpost!  Now, in all fairness, I have to warn you that I am technology challenged.  I do it the old fashioned way.  I put everyone’s names into a basket and have my son draw the winner.  (Of which I take pictures…)  If you would like to be in the drawing, leave me a comment and a way that I can get in touch with you…  (Or you can check back when I post the winner on December 20th)  That gives you a whole week!

IMG_1331Be sure to leave a comment if you want a chance to win a copy!  I’ll announce the winner in 1 week…

Thanks for visiting, and celebrating mine and Silvana’s publication!

Here’s the finished quilting…

November 6, 2014

I posted a picture yesterday of a quilt I had in progress… Here’s the finished (as much as I’m doing) quilt!

This is going to be auctioned or raffled off with the proceeds going to one of our local homeless shelters…

???????????????????????????????The front…

???????????????????????????????The back…  And my photobomber kitty!

IMG_1158And a couple of close-ups!???????????????????????????????Thanks for stopping by!

Quilting like a mad woman!

November 6, 2014

I quilt with a wonderful group of friends on Tuesdays at our local Senior Center!  A couple of my friends are

always looking for projects to donate to worthy causes…  Vivian had these blocks that she donated, and Susie sewed them

together….  Vivian, Susie, Emily, and Diane pin basted it on Tuesday, and I brought the quilt home to quilt.  After a mad sewing day, it is all quilted!

Back to Susie for binding…  It’s being donated to our local Homeless shelter to be raffled off for funds to support the center.

What a great bunch of friends!  They inspire me!

IMG_1152Coming along nicely!

IMG_1148I’ll show a full picture tomorrow when I have some daylight!

Thanks for visiting!!!

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