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A couple of quilt shows…

March 7, 2017

I have some quilts hanging at Union Station in Ogden this month….  I thought you might enjoy seeing them!

Here is my funky hand-dyed piece, “Steam Punk Milkyway”.  I dyed the fabric, and then quilted the heck out of it, (shocking that I would do that right?!  LOL!), adding some eyelash yarn around one of the “planets”.  Then I painted some un-quilted areas using “Lumiere” metallic fabric paints by Jacquard.  Lastly, I used some thin wire I had left over from my beading days and created swirls which I added to the un-quilted squares sandwiched between the “stairs” and hung some more tightly curled swirls on the moon.

This piece is called “Crayon Canyon”.  I designed it from a photograph.  This one hung in Padukah at the “National Quilt Museum” as part of the “Simply Southwest” exhibit.  The picture doesn’t show the colors super well.  They look like crayons!  (That melted when left in a hot car all day.)

And last but not least, “Little Garden Beauty”.  I used Kaffee prints on a neutral background.  This is one of my faves!

Meanwhile, up the road at the Brigham City Museum, the Utah Quilt Guild’s Ruby Jubilee is in full swing!  I have 2 quilts that I quilted for Roy, and Layton Quilt Guilds…

This one was titled, “Royal Stars” and was pieced by Roy Quilt Guild members, and designed by Patsy Shelton.  I love this pattern!!!

And here comes Layton Quilt Guild’s quilt…

It was designed by Lorri Bashein, pieced by members of Layton Quilt Guild, and the center was hand embroidered by Brenda Sacher.

Thanks for visiting the exhibits with me!!!


Missing in action, or Too busy to be believed?

September 16, 2016

Yes, I am still in the land of the living.  I told my friend Susie that I hadn’t been on the computer in about a week.

She’s said, “I think it’s been longer than that!”  Well, sure enough, it’s been almost 2 weeks!

I have been sewing sewing sewing…  Here are a few of the things I’ve been working on…

100_5352I quilted this quilt for my “Quilty Hugs” group that donates to local charities.  Emily with has a group that meets with her once a month to work on these quilts…

100_5359This is Roy Quilt Guild members who have finished working on their mystery quilts.  (Okay, the 2 on the left are mine as I taught the mystery!)  I’ll post more next month as the tops come in…

100_5371And here’s my little quilt at the fair…  😉

100_5394This is Susie’s quilt that I quilted for her which she created using Emily’s pattern!  (I love that!)

100_5397I quilted this for a client!

100_5400And last, but not least is my “Going Coastal” quilty for the MQTS group on flickr.

It’s a pattern that I revamped a bit from a previous mini quilt that I designed.

I wanted something that represented Patrick’s State Park in California where we camped this summer.


Thanks for stopping by!  I’ll try to be better next time!  😉

Little Covered Tin Tutorial…

January 19, 2016

One of my friends, Paula, in Roy Quilt Guild gave me a baggie full of little tins as I am the “birthday person” this year.

I have been tasked to make little handmade gifties for all 30+ members of the guild to give them at meeting on their birthday months.

Paula told me of these fabulous little tins she had been seeing on Pinterest.  Sure enough I cruised on over there to see what she was talking about.

What a fun bunch of stuff to look at!

So this is what I did with the baggie of tins….127_0910I spray painted them all a neutral color.  I used the spray paint that I had in the house, which is ancient!  But that’s okay, all of that will be covered when I’m done with them…127_0912Next, I hot glued magnets in the bottom of the tins.  Make sure that your magnet is where you want it before you put it down or it will stick where you don’t want it to.  (First one!  LOL!) The magnet is a great place to store needles/pins for retreats/classes.

127_0914Next, I Mod-podged the top of the tin and put it upside down on the wrong side of my fabric.

127_0917I smoothed out the top, and then cut around the tin a little more than 1/8th of an inch.  (It will depend on how big your tin is…  Look at the edge of the lid and see how wide it is.)

127_0920After you trim the edges, use more Mod-podge around the edge of the fabric.127_0924Smooth around all 4 sides of the lid.

Don’t get Mod-podge on your fingers.  😉

127_0925If you have more than one tin, it’s fun to play with variety!

127_0926Hot glue some trim around raw edge of the fabric to hide the unfinished sides.  Start with a dot of hot glue at the hinge side of the tin and hot glue every 1/4 or 1/2 inch or so…  When you have the trim all the way around, you can put a dot of hot glue at the end to secure/finish it.  I will probably play with some embellishments for the top when I’m not trying to get them finished so quickly!  😉  It pays to have a birthday later in the year…

127_0950Thanks for stopping by!

Just a few things… Why I’ve been MIA a lot this last week.

January 17, 2016

I’ve been busy busy busy this last week or so…   These are the fun things I’ve been playing with!127_0938I’ll start here…  This is a redwork mini quilt I’ve been working on in the MQTS swap on flickr.  I am ready to quilt this baby!

127_0889And these little blocks are for a *ahem* late Christmas gift I’m working on…127_0886They were just a wee bit of work…  I definitely needed that coffee!

127_0933Well, look at that…  All put together!

127_0892And a little prep work for Layton Quilt Guild for Thursday’s meeting…  We’re doing a modified wonky house block quilt.  This is my friend Silvana’s  house block design.  Anyone who finished the house by next month will get the tree block FREE!  Yes, that’s right…  FREE…

127_0926And last but not least, I was working on birthday gifties for Roy Quilt Guild!  I got 8 finished just in the nick of time for January birthdays!  I’ll post a tute for these fun little tins within a few days!

Thanks for stopping by!!!

I can show it now…

December 28, 2015

I quilted this lovely quilt for one of the gals in my local guild…  She did a beautiful job on the applique!127_0816I really loved this one…  She got to show it at last quilt guild so now I can as well!

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the quilting a little bit better…

Thanks for visiting!

Roy Bingo Blocks…

October 17, 2014

You may recall that last week I took the Bingo blocks that were made in the Roy Quilt Guild.

IMG_0655I cut them in half on the diagonal and added a white strip.IMG_0656Again, I cut them on the diagonal adding another white strip.

IMG_0660This week I got them all put together and added a white border and a wider border using Amy Butler fabric.  The Amy Butler fabric for the border and backing was donated by one

of our generous members, Karen D.  In addition, she provided the batting!  (And for good measure, she’s going to bind it for me…)

I got the top pieced together, pin basted, and proceeded to quilt it…

IMG_0768I have to say that I love the way this one came out!

I did leaves, swirls and flowers in the white sashing and border, and feathers in the colored squares and outer border.

IMG_0783This is going to be a grand prize at our Christmas party in December!  (Is it wrong that I want to win it?!  LOL!)

Thanks for stopping by…

Results of Roy Quilt Guild Challenge!

August 20, 2014

Here are the results of the Roy Quilt Guild Challenge…  They didn’t have to be quilts, and it was really fun to see the variety of entries!

IMG_0182Here is Paulas…  I love this one!  She incorporated a UFO block into the wall hanging.  (The green embroidered piece…)

IMG_0183 Here’s mine…  The labels were judged as well.  I took first for both.  (Although there were more creative labels than mine…  I just used an extra block?)

IMG_0184Here’s Midjes…  I love the vase!

IMG_0185Here is Marie’s beautiful bag which features lace she did on her embroidery machine…

IMG_0186I love this one that Rebecca did…  It is so pretty!  And she used one of the pincushion dress forms they sell at craft stores.

IMG_0187Sheri did a 3D piece as well…  It came out great!

IMG_0188Linda made a fashionable set of place mats so she can eat in style…

IMG_0189Sharon’s really made me laugh!  It is an awesome acrylic ruler holder!!!  Each area features a pocket to store her cutting rulers in…  She said she smiled every time she worked

on it!  Way to go everyone!!!  What a fun challenge!  Thanks to Karen for creating it and helping us all step out of our comfort zones!!!

Roy Quilt Guild Challenge…

August 16, 2014

IMG_0159I belong to 3 quilt guilds.  Two local and one state.  Roy Quilt Guild had a challenge to incorporate fabrics and embellishments into a quilted “item”.

We also had to incorporate something new we used on our items.  I have done a whole bunch of experimenting so I struggled to come up with something new.   Then

I thought, “I’ve never marked a quilt prior to quilting it…”  That was my new technique!

It didn’t have to specifically be a quilt.  This is the wall hanging that I designed.  I used a block technique that I had seen on facebook, and arranged them on-point.IMG_0151The center four star blocks are part of a 9 patch, while the outer 4 star blocks had setting triangles on either side which make up the center square.  Then I added larger triangles to all 4 sides to get that square overlay look…  (Plus a nice big open space to feature the quilting!)

Then I had to add embellishments.IMG_0153I took 2 different silk flowers and cut them in half to make up each flower unit.  Used the gold netting that was a challenge fabric and made it into a center

“poof”, then finishing up with beads.  In the center, I used shells and a button.  This was a fun challenge!  Results of the challenge coming up later…

Thanks for stopping by!

Power of 13 Swap!

June 28, 2014

Hi everyone!  Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit…  I had a family reunion and then we went camping!  More to come on these activities later…

First, I wanted to share a little something that I made for a Challenge Quilt for Roy Quilt Guild in 2013.  The theme was “The Power of 13”.Power of 13 Challenge QuiltThis was my challenge quilt…  Using math (*gasp*) I came up with the pattern for 13 spikes on my wheel.  The center circle is 13 inches across.  There are 26 (13 x’s 2) buttons, 13 rouched roses, 13 shells, and 13 of each type of leaf.  13 lace flowers, 13 yo yo flowers, 13 prairie points on each of the spikes.  And I quilted “13” on the R hand side.  LOL!  One of my Aunts, (thanks Elaine for the picture!!!) saw it at the reunion that year and agreed to a swap with me.  She makes the most beautiful hand carved gourds and eggs!  IMG_4269This is the most incredible work of art that I received in return from her!  It has 13 trees, each with 13 leaves/blossoms etc. on them!  The carving that she does in these gourds is just stunning.  Being that they’re fragile, she can put in numerous hours in one piece only to have it break near the end after all the cuts are made.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I had to share the story!

Thanks Aunt Elaine!!!

IMG_4272Two of my favorite ladies!!!  XOXO Ruth

Thanks for stopping by!  (I’ll be posting more shortly!)

National Quilt Day Event 2014

March 23, 2014

Yesterday was our Second Annual National Quilt Day Event at Legacy Village in Layton, Utah.  It is a beautiful venue for a quilt show!  I hope you enjoy a virtual visit!  IMG_2738Coming up the stairs in the lobby…

IMG_2721Roy Pioneer Quilt Guild’s President, Midje sitting at our booth…

IMG_2722And here’s Layton’s booth…  Denise and Viv hard at work!

IMG_2762And here’s our fearless leader, Cindy, and Kay holding up a Resident’s antique quilt!

IMG_2725It’s always fun to see your quilt hanging in a quilt show!  This is my Dear Jane Heart to Heart Swap quilt.

IMG_2740Always love a quilt in these colors!

IMG_2734Applique heaven!

IMG_2733Denise’s snowman quilt!

IMG_2739I love the colors and movement in this one!!!

IMG_2831This is by Carol Johnson…  She provided on of our trunk shows!  I want to grow up to be like her!

IMG_2840Again, this is Carol Johnson…  She does the most amazing landscape quilts!

IMG_2726And last, but not lease, the mini quilt/basket silent auction table…  The Event raised funds for future teachers and activities!

Thanks for joining us!!!

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