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Me and my little things…

March 15, 2017

We are swapping post cards in Layton Quilt Guild this year…  I wanted to show you what I did for the “It’s not easy being green” theme.

And here’s what I wrote on the back…

  I found the frog image online and drew him out with pencil.  I used “Inktense” pencils to color him with and then added “Textile Medium”.  I finished him off using a Micron pen to outline him.  I made the 3-D leaves using 2 pieces of fabric with fusible web between them and then stitched the edges.  I pulled them into a tuck to give them dimension!  3-D is so fun!

And last, but not least, I am working on this little “Triptych” quilt for a swap in the MQTS swap on flickr.  Now to get them bound!

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Strutting Their Stuff…

April 12, 2016

I had the pleasure Sunday of attending a “lec” of Greater Sage Grouse.  We started out our day leaving our house at 4 am.  We grabbed a quick bite of fast food and proceeded to a site in Northern Utah where male Greater Sage Grouse gather.  A “lec” occurs in the springtime when males get together to show their “Manliness” in hope to attract mates.

We arrived at the site well before dawn.  As the sky prepared to lighten in the East, a curious thumping/drumming/whistling/popping began to sound in the distance.  We then noticed some faint white reflectors across the black field to our right.  My son stated, “They’re moving!”  Sure enough, they weren’t reflectors, but male Sage Grouse displaying their large white chests.  The drumming/whistling sounds came from puffing their chests and thrusting their heads.


A male Greater Sage Grouse fans his tail and tries to look extra special for the ladies!DSC_3885

“Look at how manly I am!  You know you want to be mine…”


“And this is my good side..”


Even a studly Grouse like this guy need to rest after a while…  Being all big and puffed out can be exhausting!DSC_3946

Even in the pitch black early morning we could see their white chests moving on the hillside…


And “Wow” when the sun came up!

 I got to add another bird to my life list!  Thanks for visiting the lec with me…

Birds galore and a turtle to boot! It must be spring!!!

March 9, 2016

I have been sadly lacking when it’s come to posting here on my blog.  Although I have been busy quilting away!  And birding.  Which I seem to find myself doing more and more lately!  Any excuse, right?!  LOL!  Here are some pictures I’ve taken over the last few weeks.  I was thrilled to find a new bird for my collection (pictures) yesterday at a local park!

I’ll start with them first!


These are two female and male Hooded Mergansers I took pictures of yesterday at a local park.  I went back today because none of my pictures came out worth a darn!  Today’s were much better…

DSC_1709This was a few weeks ago out at the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge.  The little black and white duck like birds are Common Goldeneyes.

DSC_1856These are Northern Pintails in flight.  I love the mountains here!

DSC_1900This is a Horned Lark.  I love his horns…  They look like a bad toupee.

DSC_1906Starlings picking on a Bison…

DSC_1914It’s sleepy time out at the Fielding Garr Ranch.  This Great Horned Owl wishes he weren’t so photogenic!

DSC_1938This cute little Song Sparrow sings it’s little heart out…

DSC_2168Yesterday at Kaysville Ponds…

DSC_2210Spring must be here!  I spotted my first turtle out sunning himself!

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Birds on the Prowl… And an Ungulate for good measure!

January 27, 2016

I’ve been out hunting for birds over the last few weeks and have found some unexpected treasures here at my local pond!

This post is heavy on photos…  (Surprise surprise!)  Feel free to click on the pictures to view better!


This is the last bird I’d have ever expected to find 2 blocks away from my house!  It’s a Juvenile Night Heron!  I am amazed!  (I hunted and hunted for these at all of the bird refuges that I go to.  This is the best picture that I’ve taken and it’s at the pond where I sometimes jog…)

DSC_9466This gorgeous fellow/lady (anyone know?) Great Blue Heron was at Farmington Bay a few weeks ago.

DSC_9610Female Harrier snacking on a duck like bird.  It’s to hard to look closely enough to identify it.  It has an eye.  Yikes!   (You may not want to click on this one…)

DSC_9753These pretty gents are male Canvasbacks, again at my local pond!

We have decided that it is too funny that in the birding world, the males get all the looks!  (While most of the females are drab brown and almost impossible to distinguish apart from other ducks.)

DSC_9711This isn’t a great shot as it was dumping down rain, but this is a female Common Merganser.  Again at my local pond!

DSC_9786A handsome American Kestral was watching for food from his lofty perch…

DSC_9846This wasn’t my neighborhood.  LOL!  Every couple of weeks we go out hunting for Bald Eagles.  This is a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  Maybe a second year?  Anyone want to pitch in?

DSC_9880Bambi’s Mom.  Love the sparkles in the snow…  Squirrel!

DSC_9962This Belted Kingfisher was at my pond as well…  Such cool birds!  First time I’ve gotten a picture of this one at the pond…

DSC_9477And last, but not least, a picture of a Great Blue Heron that looks a little like me…

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On my daily jog…

January 3, 2016

I find the older I get, the more necessary it is for daily exercise.  Not so much because I enjoy it, it just helps me keep moving and decreases my aches and pains.  (Yay for getting old. Meh.)

That said, I love jogging outside because it gets me out of the house and sometimes I see something fun!

DSC_8883This is a Common Goldeneye.  He and his lady were hanging out at our pond today…  I never have the opportunity to get a close up like this, so it was worth running home for the camera!

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Juvenile Eagles and a little Downy Woodpecker…

December 31, 2015

On Monday, my son and I took a drive to the bird refuge…  Unfortunately, it’s frozen almost solid and so the Tundra Swans have left and continued on to California.  (According to the gal working in the Visitors Center…)  We did see a lot of Harriers and Hawks, but no Eagles.  However, on the drive there, we were a little distracted by this site…


There are 9 juvenile Bald Eagles in this picture!  My son and I counted 41 that day!!!  (The adults are hiding out somewhere else, we only saw a couple of them…)

We drove back today and went for a little walk through the woods…  There were a lot fewer than on Monday, but this is what we saw.


Juvenile Bald Eagle

Some people can tell the difference whether the Juveniles are First,  Second, or Third year Juveniles.  They don’t get their white heads or tails until they’re 4 years old.  I’m not that skilled, although I see a scruff of white at the base of this guys neck so I’m guessing almost adult!



Taking flight…


Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight…

Gosh they are majestic!  Did I mention that already?!  LOL!


Check out that wingspan!

And as I’m focusing on Eagles, my bird nerd son (our whole family wears that term proudly!) spots this little guy!

DSC_8778And he isn’t even cropped!  What a view!  A little male Downy Woodpecker.  He’s so cute!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bird Nerd on board…




More Bald Eagles and Mr. Bobcat…

December 6, 2015

We took a nice drive yesterday up to one of our favorite places for viewing Bald Eagles during the winter…


I cropped this one quite a bit… 

They were on the opposite side of the dam, just sitting there…  And then along came


An unwanted visitor…

Both of the Bald Eagles gave this Magpie the “stink eye” when he got too close!

DSC_8099And look who we caught chowing down on roadkill venison!  That’s right, Mr. (or Mrs.) Bobcat!  We call him “Bob”.

DSC_8101I wish he’d sit still long enough for me to get a decent portrait!  (And without sticks in front of him too.  I know, I’m picky!)

Thanks for visiting!!!

Playing Hooky…

November 18, 2015

Instead of doing chores like I had planned, I was distracted by the beautiful clouds this morning…  I cut my jogging route short by about 2 miles and headed out to Antelope Island.  Fair warning, this is a photo heavy post!  (What else you would expect from me anyway?  LOL!)

DSC_7607These grasses are beautiful, but one of the Volunteers here tell me they’re quite pervasive and squeezing out the cattail population…  The birds don’t like the seeds from these grasses so it doesn’t attract them like the cattails once did.

DSC_7623In my opinion, there is no place more beautiful to capture a great sky shot!  The colors changed so dramatically from one moment to the rest…

DSC_7637It was cold and chilly, but the view was worth it.

DSC_7689The buffalo didn’t have a care in the world.

  Except for…

DSC_7695pesky European Starlings!  A whole flock flew in and tried to land on one buffalo.  He wasn’t having any part of it!

DSC_7738On the other side of the island, a lone coyote wandered around looking for treats.

DSC_7782A flock of Northern Shovelers huddled together in the cool water.  They took flight as I stopped for a picture.

DSC_7750And this is the first time that I’ve seen Snow Geese!  They are so graceful in flight.

Thanks for visiting Antelope Island with me…  It is a fabulous State Park here in Northern Utah!

The Tundra Swans are back!

November 16, 2015

We drove out to Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and got some good pictures of the Tundra Swans flying back…  Such beautiful birds!

DSC_7571“The Flight Swandron”  My son named this picture…  LOL!


Another shot…


Coming in for a landing!  Thanks for visiting the Tundra Swans with me!

A Couple of Goodies for RQG’s Raffle Basket…

August 10, 2015

 Roy Quilt Guild is making a “bird” themed basket to raffle off for Utah Quilt Guild’s Quilt Festival in September…  These are a couple of little things I got to go in the basket.  I made 2 of the quilt tops several years ago for a swap and never finished the second one.  Finally getting around to it for the  basket!127_0622A little Hummingbird feeder and Quilt!  I think they’ll be cute in the basket…

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