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Some recent finishes!

February 11, 2016

I’ve been scarce due to frequent birding and working on client/charity quilts…  Just wanted to show you all some progress that I’ve been making.


I quilted this fun quilt for my friend Susan!  Milo had to give it his seal of approval…

127_0971I quilted this charity quilt for my friend Vivian…  It came out kind of fun!


This is another little quilt I quilted for Vivian for charity as well…

127_0987And this one was for Vivian too…  It was made with fabrics from her Mother.

She used minky for the back which was a really fun way to see the quilting!

127_0991Isn’t this fun?!!


This is my son’s “seizure quilt”.  I made numerous dresden flowers and they sat unfinished for several years waiting to be hand appliqued onto blocks.  My son had multiple seizures and I had to sit within 10 minutes of his school so 9-1-1 didn’t have to be called.  (I had emergency meds that would stop the seizures but the school couldn’t give it without calling for an ambulance.)

Thus, I sat at a park a block away so I could get there and give him the meds and then take him home.  I hand stitched all of the flower centers and dresdens on while sitting at the park.  Thankfully, his seizures are under control now!

So it was waiting in “quilt top” form for another couple of years.  This was my UFO that was drawn to be quilted in Layton Quilt Guild last month.


Now it will go in the UFO pile needing binding.  I’ve got several waiting.  Meh.  🙂


And I just got this off the frame for Happy Chemo!  Done!!!!

I have 3 blocks and a bag to get done now.  Yikes!


And here’s a little more progress…

August 31, 2015

The deadline for the Utah State Fair is rapidly approaching…  I’ll share my challenge quilt when the Fair opens!  Before the deadline on Thursday, I have to get my label made and sewn on.  I also have to get the quilt ready for hanging.  It’s almost there!

These are some projects that I’ve been working on as well…

127_0650This is a “Happy Chemo” quilt that is going to be turned in this week.

127_0647I got this one quilted for m partner in the Kaffe Mini Quilt Swap.  The deadline for that is coming up as well!

127_0648This is another layout of the same quilt, with the blocks positioned differently.

(You may see something similar with my Fair Challenge Quilt, but shhhh….  Don’t tell!)

I have 2 more client quilts to get quilted, but both are relatively small.  More coming soon!  Thanks for stopping by…

Busy busy busy…

August 28, 2015

Sorry I’ve been MIA, but I have been busy busy busy!  Working on several client quilts, charity quilts, and challenge quilts…

127_0631I did this one for Betty…127_0632And this one as well…

And then two Quilt of Valor Quilts…  127_0638I tried to stick with stars, stripes, and swirls for both of them.

127_0642Now, onto a Halloween quilt for a friend, and a Happy Chemo quilt!

(Plus I’ve been madly plugging away on my fair challenge quilt…  More on that later!)

Thanks for visiting!

A Couple of Goodies for RQG’s Raffle Basket…

August 10, 2015

 Roy Quilt Guild is making a “bird” themed basket to raffle off for Utah Quilt Guild’s Quilt Festival in September…  These are a couple of little things I got to go in the basket.  I made 2 of the quilt tops several years ago for a swap and never finished the second one.  Finally getting around to it for the  basket!127_0622A little Hummingbird feeder and Quilt!  I think they’ll be cute in the basket…

Thanks for stopping by!

My Christmas Present…

April 28, 2015

My good friend Denise gave me a beautiful quilt top for Christmas this year…

I decided to pick up some backing fabric last week, so I was able to get it loaded on the midarm…

It came out great!!!  Thanks Denise!!!121_0424It’s good sized, 82 x 97 inches!

121_0425Here’s a close up of the stars and sashing…121_0428It got Milo’s approval!  He went in, under, and around it lots of times!

Thanks for visiting!  Now, what to do next?!  I have a couple of charity quilts to get put together and quilted…

And on to quilting…

April 19, 2015

I finished up the quilting on a “Happy Chemo” quilt yesterday…DSC_0012I’m still trying to get used to my midarm quilting machine…  When I’m near the end, I run out of usable space.  (Mid-arm lamenters’ know what I’m talking about!  LOL!)  Someday I may get a longer arm machine and table…

DSC_0014These are put together by my friend, Emily and her crew for those going through Chemotherapy.  It’s really fun to see how they put all of these oddball block sizes and colors together and come up with something adorable!

DSC_0017Here are some closeups so you can see how I quilted it…

DSC_0018Another view…

DSC_0019I love this section!

DSC_0016And last but not least, an owl and a bee…  I did the owl freehand, but the bee is from another design…

Thanks for visiting!!!

Folk Art Bitty Block and Happy Chemo Quilt…

February 27, 2015

Just trying to get some things finished before the end of the month…  My bitty Folk Art blocks are due in the mail tomorrow.

I still have to get them embroidered, and beaded.  Hopefully I’ll meet the deadline!

This is my own pattern…???????????????????????????????And last month, I took a “Happy Chemo” quilt that needed to be quilted.  Finished it up last weekend.

IMG_2529Thanks for stopping by!

Time for a break?

January 3, 2015

As you can see, I didn’t achieve my goal to get this quilt done before the end of the year…  IMG_1543Stitching and stitching away…  I’ve used a double batt on this with the advice of my quilting friend, Patsy…  (She’s my local expert!)

The cotton batting stabilized the polyester so I won’t have as much problem with the dense quilting causing “waves”.  The looser quilted areas will have polyester batting creating more loft.

My quilt sandwich is as follows:  Backing~cotton batting~medium loft polyester batting~quilt top.  I pin basted prior to quilting.

I was sewing, and sewing, and sewing away on this…  With the extra batting, this quilt is heavier than I’m used to.  Sore shoulders, back, neck, and tri-ceps…  I had somewhere I needed to go, but couldn’t seem to stop quilting.  Until…

???????????????????????????????I guess this is as good a time as any!

And here’s a little exciting news…  I bought a mid-arm quilt machine!  Yay!  I’ll post more on it later.

Thanks for stopping by!  Stitch on!

Trying to get this one done before the New Year!

December 30, 2014

But I’m not sure I’m going to make it!  LOL!  Maybe a full day of sewing tomorrow will get me close!

IMG_1537This was the start…

IMG_1540Here I am heading toward the outside.

I’ll show a finished shot when I get there!  Thanks for visiting!

A friends quilt…

November 7, 2014

My friend just gave me this little baby quilt to FMQ for her new grand baby due in a few weeks…  I love the traditional feeling of this one, and really wanted to quilt it as it would have been done hand quilted.

I followed the checkerboard pattern using a feather stitch and filled it in with a grid background.  IMG_1170There has to be an easier way to do it, but I haven’t found it yet!  LOL!  I used strips of tape to mark it with.  (The last grid quilting I did bled when I spritzed out the markings…)  I surrounded the center section with my least favorite motif, meander.  (I’m not terribly comfortable with it!)

I used a pebble stitch in the narrow yellow sashing.  Then I finished it up with a leaf motif along the edges, and a floral along the top and bottom sections.


IMG_1172Here’s a picture of the back…

???????????????????????????????The whole thing…  I love the use of 30’s fabric in this, and I really enjoyed quilting it!

Thanks for stopping  by!

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