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Seeing purple and something sweet…

December 2, 2016

Well, I had to try it…  It fell from the sky like manna from Heaven.  (Although I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated it as much until today!)

100_5539Snow melts much faster than ice cubes and I had to go out back and collect several buckets full 4 times in a 24 hour period.

But boy, oh boy…  I loved the resulting dye!!!  For more information on ice dyeing see Sondra Millards blog:


I’ll never feel quite as grumpy towards the white stuff again!

It did dry a little bit lighter than this, but it is really stunning.

I made caramel yesterday and added chocolate to my turtles and pretzels today.  It was a very productive day!


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September 2, 2012
Quilted... by ruthiequilts
Quilted…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

Here it is all quilted… Now I have to make some binding. I’m thinking scrappy binding or perhaps white binding.

I think pebble quilting was perfect for this! (Plus it’s one of the few stitches I’m comfortable with! LOL!) This little quilty is titled “Stepping Stones”.  (Thanks for the title Doreen!) I wish my quilting along the outside borders was perfect, but I suppose if I keep practicing…

I’m hoping that my partner likes this. I’m thinking that they would have preferred brighter colors and simpler quilting. Funnily enough, I do better with heavy quilting than I do with minimal! Why is that?!

FLiQS Quilting…

September 2, 2012
FLiQS Quilting... by ruthiequilts
FLiQS Quilting…, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

I started the quilting on my little quilt for my secret partner in the fab Little Quilt Swap! I decided to go with pebble quilting in purple thread… I like the way it’s coming out so far! I really hope my partner likes it!

Thanks for the quilting idea Doreen! It’s perfect for this little project!

More progress…

August 31, 2012
Without? by ruthiequilts
Without?, a photo by ruthiequilts on Flickr.

I added a scrappy border. Isn’t it funny how you get a project so far along and regret your backing fabric? I’m wishing I had used black to make the colors seem to sparkle…

Ah well… It was too much of a giveaway for my partner if I had used black! (Maybe!) I tried it with some black circles on the white spaces to give it more pop, but so far it looks like everyone prefers it like this!

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