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“Batty About Halloween”

October 1, 2012

Woo Hoo!  It’s here!  October 1st, 2012…  Day 1 of the Halloween Blog Hop, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, hosted by Whims and Fancies!  Thanks for inviting me Soma!

I’m just “batty” about Halloween, so what better pattern than a batty bat!  And who doesn’t love candy corns?  (I have to admit that I don’t eat them, but they are so darn cute!)  I thought you might enjoy meeting me, so here I am!  Hi everyone!  (Waving madly!!!)

Just in case we have anyone who is new to paper piecing, I thought I’d leave it to the expert for paper piecing instructions!  Here’s Sewhooked’s tute for paper piecing:  (Thanks for allowing me to share your link!)  I’ve been a fan of Jennifer for many years, and she is one of our designers!  Lucky us!

Here are the 4 pages of patterns that I have made up for you!  I have them in pdf format now, so they should print up better!

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Use the line drawing as a guide to help you put your paper pieced sections together…  When you have finished paper piecing your sections and joining them into a block, it’s time to decorate them!  For the eyes and fangs, I used fabric paint that requires heat setting to make it permanent on fabric.  (Heat setting is ironing after 24 hours of letting it dry.  You need to iron the front and the back of the painted areas.)  I used buttons for the pupils, and embroidery (stem stitch) for the bony hands, feet, mouth, and hair.  I also used the stem stitch for the candy cane hangers.  I used a little circle of wool (I prefer a wool fabric to wool felt as it holds up better overtime…) for the nose.

I hope you all enjoy making my Halloween Bat!!!  Thanks for playing!  Let me know if you make him!

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