August’s UFO…

I had super momentum going at the beginning of the year, but I’ve slowed down a bit…  Now I consider any finish an accomplishment!!!  This is the 1 UFO (Un-finished Object) I completed this month.  (Technically I had it all done this spring except for the binding and bling.  Now it’s ready to hang at Quilt Fest!)DSCN1375

“Simply Splendid”

I created this quilt using 12 Disappearing Hourglass blocks.  I added a plain square center and then set the whole kit and kaboodle on point.  Simple!  I did computerized stars inside the blocks, and then couched a cream yarn with metallic gold thread around the outside of the stars.  All of the pebbles on this were painted by hand using a gold metallic acrylic paint mixed 2:1 with Textile Medium.  I quilted the triangle-scroll shapes using computerized quilting, and came back into the shapes with free-motion.  I had to turn the quilt sideways on the long arm to fit all of the scroll triangles on it.  I used computerized quilting along the edge, again free-motioning and ruler work inside and around the shapes.  I couched the same yarn on the inside points of the edge treatment.  Not shown here are over 1000 sparklies!  (Gold of course!)  I love the way the light hits it!

I think I must have been a Magpie or Raven in another life…

It’s going to make it’s first official appearance at UQG’s Quilt Fest.

Thanks for visiting!!!

One Response to “August’s UFO…”

  1. sewgentle Says:

    Ruthie, this is amazing. What a quilter you have become! Do you have more pictures on Flickr that are close up?

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