A top ready for quilting… A Mystery!

June 29, 2015

I am in a FB On-line Mystery group, and this is the first mystery that we did…  Hosted by my flickr friend, Quiltinkimmie.121_0542I added the final borders last week…  My friend Denise, who also is in the group had hers finished.  I’m not competitive, mind you, I just like to be the first one finished!  Denise suggested that I do mitered corners.  I had to rack the dark recesses of my brain to remember how to do them.  You can see how they came out in the following close up.

121_0543I liked the way they came out so well, I did them on another quilt I have on the quilting frame right now!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Row By Row Experience! Day 1…

June 27, 2015

My friend Diane told me about the Row to Row Experience, so we decided to hit the road today!  (Always love a good excuse for a road trip!!!)

Some of the shops have fun little fabric license plates that represent their stores…  And all of the participating shops have free patterns!

We went to Idaho first…  DSC_3545A cute little shop called, “Suppose” in Preston, Idaho.  DSC_3543Here are the 4 of us who went road trippin’ together…  Diane, Pat, Loretta, and Moi.  (That’s fancy French for “me”.  I learned it from Miss Piggy.)

I’ll have to hit Idaho again, as they didn’t have the license plates…  Darn!  Sounds like another road trip!

Then we hit Logan Utah.  Our first quilt stop there was “My Girlfriends Quilt Shop”.DSC_3546Cute little store with lots of fun fabrics, and they had cake!  (It was their 4th anniversary.)  I love to eat cake!

This is Pat and Loretta again!  DSC_3549Diane is busy cutting away!

The shop had a demonstration of a way to make simple 4 patches, and everyone who made a set got in for a drawing.

The blocks are going to be made into a charity project!

DSC_3551Our second stop in Logan was the Bernina Store, “Stylish Fabrics”.

Another great store with a large selection of fabric…

Our last stop was in Brigham City, one of my favorite quilt stores e.v.e.r.!  And would you believe it, I forgot to take pictures there!!!  I’ll be headed over there sometime this week and take a few shots!

DSC_3557Only 2 of the shops had the fabric license plates, but all of them had a fun pattern.  And check out the pin!  I love to collect them!

  (Between you and me, I like the Bear Lake Monster the best!  Bwahahahahha.  I am such a nerd!)

Thanks for joining me on my first Row by Row stop!

At the family reunion…

June 24, 2015

So many birds, so little time!!!

We saw numerous birds at our Family Reunion in Eastern Utah!!!  A birding bonanza if you will…

DSC_3307This young robin hung out near our group camp site…

DSC_3301This Northern Flickr was feeding it’s baby near the young robin!!!  Awesome!

DSC_3298On our walk around the lake at Palisades State Park…


Scrub Jay

DSC_3355Red-tail Hawk taking off!


Bullock’s Oriole

These are the most colorful birds I’ve seen!


Cowbird baby in nest with Brewers Blackbird clutch.

Cowbirds don’t raise their own young.  Instead, they lay an egg in another birds nest for them to care for…

Unfortunately the smaller birds in the nest often don’t get enough food to survive.


Mountain Bluebird on Father’s Day!  He’s the daddy!

Thanks for joining me at my Family Reunion!!!  LOL!  (I know, not a single family member in site!)

A couple of projects…

June 10, 2015

I have been working on a few things recently and thought I’d share!

In the Mini QT Swap we did the theme, “Furry Purries”…  I made this little quilt for my partner, Quilt Monster.  I used pictures of her two cats

to pick from Free Coloring Pages for my pattern.  I tweaked them to resemble hers!

Here they are from my Furry Purries!121_0493Poukie, Lexi, and Arnold.

121_0487Grey Boy (in front), Lexi, Arnold, and Milo.  Yes, mine look bored!

And last but not least, a special little project I’ve been working on for a friend…

121_0502I stuck with feathers going up and down to speed things up!  The recipient will receive this tomorrow…

Thanks for visiting!

Look at what came in the mail today!

June 9, 2015

121_0515That’s right!  The NQA’s Quilting Quarterly Spring and Summer Issues in which mine and Silvana’s patterns are published!

It’s always fun to see your work in a magazine!

121_0517I really love the way they bordered the pages with the trees to look like banner flags!

121_0518And our bios…  Fun fun!

And I really have been sewing a lot.  I just have been neglecting taking pictures.

121_0520This is my sneak peek for my Zoo themed bitty blocks for the BBC…

Thanks for visiting!

I need to take a birding break…

June 6, 2015

Why is it so addictive?  Or maybe it’s my obsessive personality?  Anyway you look at it, my quilting time has taken a hit!

Fridays are my birding day.  Plus other days that end with “ays”.  Anyhoo, here are some pictures I took today…

DSC_2273Ha!  Got you!  This is a flower, not a bird!  Surprise surprise surprise!

It’s so pretty!  ;-)


Kestral in flight…

Yes!  These guys are so skittish I haven’t gotten a good picture until today!  He was hovering over a mouse or vole which he flew away with later…  In the meantime, I got his picture!  Score!

DSC_2383This beautiful bird is a Cedar Waxwing…  I drove an hour and a half looking for one a couple of weeks ago.  We were watching the Kestral in flight, and I looked out of my window.  He was right there!  I didn’t even crop this one!  Wow!!!


Sandhill Crane Mama and Baby…

We saw this baby a couple of weeks ago.  He’s grown a lot!  Sandhill Cranes always pair off… What a neat bird!

DSC_2079And one more from a couple of days ago because it came out so good…  LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

p.s. I need some bad weather so that I can get some quilting done!

Still here and sewing like a mad woman! And birding. Did I mention birding?

June 1, 2015

I have been busy busy busy!  Lots of charity quilts in progress…  More on those when I get around to it!

Meanwhile, I’ve been hunting more birds.  (With my camera of course!)  Hope you enjoy!


Backside of a Night Heron…

He wasn’t cooperating with a side view…  He saw me coming!  LOL!


Mama catching dinner.

This little young Pied-billed Grebe is following Mom around begging for a morsel…


Thanks Mom!  Now what do I do with it?!!!


Black-chinned Hummingbird

These little guys are hardly visible on the branches…  Just a wee bump!


Lazuli Bunting!

This little bird is too pretty for it’s own good.  First time that I’ve seen him since I began birding!


Bullock’s Oriole…  Outside of Heber City


Red-breasted Merganzer

I love any bird that is having a bad hair day!


American Bald Eagle!

I warned my son that the Eagles had all flown North and we wouldn’t be seeing any.

I hate it when I’m wrong, but this time it made me happy!  This was a couple of weeks ago…

Thanks for visiting!  I’ll be around with some quilty stuff soon…

Such a precious gift…

May 8, 2015

As many of you may know, I lost my Mother in February to a long battle with Alzheimers.

I have belonged to a group on flickr  for several years called the “Epiphany Group” that makes quilts for online friends who

are having a difficult time.

This time, I was the recipient… DSC_0010My online friends (and one sneaky local friend) each made a block, and sent them on to Quiltedoma (Andrea) who stitched them into a quilt top.  Batting and backing was donated by members and the quilt was quilted by CASharp (Cindy) from “Tops To Treasures”  Bouncypoodle (Pattiann) bound it and applied the label and then Nannette invited my to breakfast.

DSC_0016Nann made the special delivery in person!

DSC_0011My friends made this in my favorite colors…  Each block is a  master piece!

DSC_0100I’ll post some close-ups so you can see them all…DSC_0101


DSC_0103And finally the label…

DSC_0106A special thanks to JGMehlin, Laura VanVleet, Spiced Coffee, Karin F., Quiltedoma, EdyB1, Silort, Mamacjt, DeeRooG, FriedaZZZZ, Mollyjolly, Sewgentle, SandyinBA, Suzy H (sneaky!) Soma, Bouncypoodle, MarilynKB, Yayaquilter, Sewjo, Lesliecan’tstopquilting, Flossieblossoms, CASharp, Nanotchka, JanBran, Sewwunderful, and JanR.  Thank you all for these beautiful blocks!  What a treasure!  There is nothing better than a fabric hug from friends all around the world!  I love you all!

My RJR Challenge Quilt… “Crayon Canyon”

May 6, 2015

Here is my entry for the RJR Utah Landscape Challenge Quilt…  They provided 1/2 yard cuts of each of the 7 colored fabrics pictured. We were allowed to use 4 additional fabrics, but I challenged myself to use just what they provided.  I joke that it looks like the kids left a package of crayons in the car and it melted to make a landscape!  This quilt was patterned from a picture that I took of “Double O Arch” in Arches National Park…  I just love our redrock country here in Utah!!!

IMG_3203Yes, it is bright!  It will be like sunshine in the winter…

IMG_3204And here’s the back…  Each color in the quilt was quilted using it’s matching colors of thread!

IMG_3207A couple of close-ups on the quilting!

IMG_3209This was really a fun quilt to make!  See it at HMQS now!

Thanks for stopping by!

Another Birding Adventure…

May 3, 2015

We went for a drive yesterday out in the middle of nowhere to look for Short-eared Owls…  We were successful in that we found some.  The photos?  Not so much!  LOL!  Here is the photo I took (the best one) of a Short-eared Owl…DSC_0119 (2)No prizes for sharpness on this one!

DSC_0006I did like this shot of a Snowy Egret!  Nope, he wasn’t centered, but I’ll take what I can get!

DSC_0062These two lovebirds are Clark’s Grebes…  I love the way their heads almost make a heart shape!

DSC_0070 (2)This is my favorite shot of a White-faced Ibis.  Cool birds!

DSC_0074 (2)This one isn’t perfectly focused, but I love the ethereal looking fence that the hawk is landing on…

DSC_0079This is Mr. Sandhill Crane.   Can you find the Mrs.?

DSC_0126 (2)This is a male Harrier. My favorite Harrier picture by far!  Yes, he is cropped to heck!

DSC_0265These guys are Red-breasted Mergansers.  These are so cool!  I love their funky hair!

DSC_0367I’ve been practicing photographing birds in flight and these are the best ones that I got!  And they’re ducks!  (They may look like ducks, but they’re really called Cinnamon Teals…  Far more poetic don’t you think?!  Thanks Otterdaughter!  Love your name btw…)

 I love this picture.  You can see water droplets coming off their bodies as they fly.

Couldn’t have planned that if I had tried!

DSC_0502And last but not least some sweet little Cave Swallows!

Thanks for coming on my little birding expedition!

I have HMQS coming up this week, so quilting pictures will be here soon!


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