Meanwhile during Thanksgiving cooking…

November 27, 2015

I worked on a couple of projects…  I am doing an online mystery hosted by my friend Kim.  The elongated flying geese had cut off corners.  I stitched mine together prior cutting them off and stitched them into little 1 1/2 inch hourglass blocks.  From there, they became star points.  So fun!127_0820

And I’ve had this quilt on the midarm for the last few days.  Haven’t had a ton of time to work on it yet.  Maybe this weekend?!


I’m doing swirls on the rectangles…  Good juxtaposition!  Thanks for stopping by…

Enjoy your black Friday shopping, or like me, at home sewing!

Playing Hooky…

November 18, 2015

Instead of doing chores like I had planned, I was distracted by the beautiful clouds this morning…  I cut my jogging route short by about 2 miles and headed out to Antelope Island.  Fair warning, this is a photo heavy post!  (What else you would expect from me anyway?  LOL!)

DSC_7607These grasses are beautiful, but one of the Volunteers here tell me they’re quite pervasive and squeezing out the cattail population…  The birds don’t like the seeds from these grasses so it doesn’t attract them like the cattails once did.

DSC_7623In my opinion, there is no place more beautiful to capture a great sky shot!  The colors changed so dramatically from one moment to the rest…

DSC_7637It was cold and chilly, but the view was worth it.

DSC_7689The buffalo didn’t have a care in the world.

  Except for…

DSC_7695pesky European Starlings!  A whole flock flew in and tried to land on one buffalo.  He wasn’t having any part of it!

DSC_7738On the other side of the island, a lone coyote wandered around looking for treats.

DSC_7782A flock of Northern Shovelers huddled together in the cool water.  They took flight as I stopped for a picture.

DSC_7750And this is the first time that I’ve seen Snow Geese!  They are so graceful in flight.

Thanks for visiting Antelope Island with me…  It is a fabulous State Park here in Northern Utah!

The Tundra Swans are back!

November 16, 2015

We drove out to Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and got some good pictures of the Tundra Swans flying back…  Such beautiful birds!

DSC_7571“The Flight Swandron”  My son named this picture…  LOL!


Another shot…


Coming in for a landing!  Thanks for visiting the Tundra Swans with me!

Trunk Full of Quilts!

November 10, 2015

My good friend Soma at is hosting an online Trunk Show…  For those of you who follow my blog may have guessed, I have a trunk, closet, house, and garage full of quilts!  Lots of them are little…  But I have my share of big ones as well.Stained Glass mini quilt

This little quilt was created for a “Not Square or Rectangle” mini quilt swap on flickr.  I used a stained glass pattern, and bias strips for the black.  I love this technique!

Mini coin quilt made for Wolfmom2ac

This little quilt was made for a Chinese Coin Swap on flickr…  I used bullion roses to decorate the bottom.

Here We Sit Placemat PQS3

This was for a place mat swap on flickr…  (You’ll definitely see a theme here!)


This is a close up of the quilting on a Modern Doll Quilt Swap.


I made this little quilt for the precious baby sitting on it!


And this is me in my tiara, having won the “Recycled Quilt” Challenge for Roy Quilt Guild!  The petals are made from Pistachio shells.  I drilled holes in them and stitched them on like buttons…


I made this little NYB to swap with one of my friends…  She made me 2 applique quilt tops in return!


I made this quilt with scraps for Happy Chemo.  I took lots of pictures of it on a looong drive to Northern Montana.


This little snowman quilt was made for a swap on flickr…


I donated this little quilted clock to the Utah State Quilt Guild for a fundraiser.


In Layton, we swapped pre-cut teacups with fusible already applied.  We were challenged to bring in our quilts the following month.  This is what I came up with!


I know, you’re supposed to love all your children equally, but this is one of my favorite quilts!  I was given several of the flower die cuts in Layton Quilt Guild as an on time drawing.  I incorporated them into my “Show Stopper” challenge quilt which was supposed to show movement.

Power of 13 Challenge Quilt

This is my Challenge quilt I made for Roy Quilt Guild.  It represents “The Power of 13”  I was given a fat quarter, and a package of buttons and came up with this design.  It has 13 (or multiples) of each item.  Plus I quilted 13 on the right hand side.


This was a swap piece that I experimented using micro quilting and fabric paint on…  Love the way this came out!


This was a Fair Challenge Quilt  summer before last.  I used a UFO block I had made in a class in the center and designed the quilt around it.


Who doesn’t love Rat Zombie?!  I still see a future in store for him…


I quilted this quilt for Roy Quilt Guild using “Bingo blocks” we had made.  I added the white strips on the diagonal.


My claim to fame!  (Or infamy as the case may be…)  I swapped these house blocks with my friend Silvana over 12 months.  When we were finished, I designed the quilt.  I’d live here, wouldn’t you?!


Another flickr swap…  I designed this myself.


This quilt was for the RJR Landscape Challenge at HMQS this year.  It won an honorable mention…  I called it “Crayon Canyon”.


This was made using the underwater/beach theme blocks I received in the BBC (Bitty Block Committee) on flickr.


We exchanged fabric colors in a small group that I belong to, “Prairie Fairies”.  I put mine together differently for sake of the quilting.


This is this years’ Utah State Fair Challenge Quilt.  The challenge fabric is the white with circle designs.


I made this one for a Kaffe Swap on FB.


Just finished this little quilt as a gift…

Thanks for joining me in Whims and Fancies “A Trunk Full of Quilts”!  Feel free to follow me by entering your email address in the sidebar!

Another couple of finishes…

November 10, 2015

127_0786The members of Layton Quilt Guild made extra blocks in a swap to donate for the Clearfield Senior Center.

They graciously allow us to meet there every month.

I volunteered to quilt it…  I love working with these bright happy fabrics!

127_0787Here’s a close up of the quilting so you can see the motifs I quilted on it…  Leaf feathers in the outside border as well.

127_0790And another little project I finished…  I used the faux piping binding taught by Deonn at quiltscapes found here:

If you click on the button on the right sidebar for “Riley Blake” it will take you to her tutorials!  I love this method as it is sewn on by machine and looks so professional!

127_0794And I needed some ornaments for an ornament swap in MQTS flickr group.  This pattern is one of Deonn’s tutorials as well!  (She is an uber creative gal and so fun in person!)  XOXO Deonn!

Thanks for visiting!

Another Happy Chemo Quilt Finished!

November 7, 2015

I just finished quilting this pretty little quilt for Happy Chemo…  The quilt top was made by my friend and her quilting group, Emily, of Aunt Em’s quilts…  Her blog can be found here:  She has a group that gets together and quilts one day a month.  I joined her last month making up a plethora of HST’s that she had precut.  Patsy and Leslie came with me…  So much fun!  I took this sandwich to get quilted for someone who is going through chemo.  I understand it can chill a person during their infusion, and what better than a happy little lap quilt to warm them up?127_0785Thanks for joining me!

Happy “Owl”oween!

October 28, 2015

Just in case I don’t make it back before Saturday, I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween!  (But in bird-nerd-word play fashion…)DSC_6056Thanks for visiting!  Hope you’re all getting tons of quilting, stitching, birding done!

“Owl” be back!

Driving into the Uintah Mountains…

October 21, 2015

We had some friends visiting from out-of-state today and took them on a drive into the Uintah Mountains…

DSC_6951There a few scattered fall colors left to be seen…

DSC_6960Provo River Falls…DSC_6961

Such a beautiful place!DSC_6970

This little guy wanted treats so bad…  He and two of his friends were not shy at all!  (I never feed them because they have to be able to fend for themselves when us humans aren’t around…)

DSC_6980And here is the view from the top!

DSC_7017Such a beautiful place!  Yes, that’s snow…

DSC_7025Thanks for visiting!

Yay! Always love receiving a swap quilty…

October 19, 2015

I joined in a swap using Kaffe fabrics on Facebook a few months ago…  Today, my package arrived all the way from Australia!!!

This is the awesome package I received from Sharon!127_0774Lots of fun goodies included!  Chocolates, a pin box with a fun little pin inside, tea bags, and a charm pack!  And the quilt is a real stunner!!!

If you will remember, I sent this little quilt to my partner…

127_0753This was such a fun swap!  Mine was mailed to the Netherlands…  I love swapping internationally!  It is so fun!

And last for today, I wanted to show you the quilt I started in a class on the 1st of October.  I worked like a mad woman on it…  Surprise surprise!

127_0778Still working on borders, but it came out great!  It’s one of Quiltvilles pattern with a twist…  From the Scrappy Trip Around the World.

Thanks for visiting!

Some More Finishes…

October 5, 2015

It looks like it’s been over a week since I’ve posted!  Naughty!  The good thing is that I’ve have a lot of quilting time!

Here are some things that I’ve had in the works…127_0757This is what I’ve had on the mid-arm…

127_0760Today I finished quilting it!  It’s a FaceBook Quilt A Long that I finished a little while ago.  Thanks Kim!  (She’s our hostess…)

127_0750And this is the second Mystery that we just finished…  I have the borders on now, so I just have to get a back made.

I love making progress!  Thanks for stopping by!


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