Birds on the Prowl… And an Undulate for good measure!

January 27, 2016

I’ve been out hunting for birds over the last few weeks and have found some unexpected treasures here at my local pond!

This post is heavy on photos…  (Surprise surprise!)  Feel free to click on the pictures to view better!


This is the last bird I’d have ever expected to find 2 blocks away from my house!  It’s a Juvenile Night Heron!  I am amazed!  (I hunted and hunted for these at all of the bird refuges that I go to.  This is the best picture that I’ve taken and it’s at the pond where I sometimes jog…)

DSC_9466This gorgeous fellow/lady (anyone know?) Great Blue Heron was at Farmington Bay a few weeks ago.

DSC_9610Female Harrier snacking on a duck like bird.  It’s to hard to look closely enough to identify it.  It has an eye.  Yikes!   (You may not want to click on this one…)

DSC_9753These pretty gents are male Canvasbacks, again at my local pond!

We have decided that it is too funny that in the birding world, the males get all the looks!  (While most of the females are drab brown and almost impossible to distinguish apart from other ducks.)

DSC_9711This isn’t a great shot as it was dumping down rain, but this is a female Common Merganser.  Again at my local pond!

DSC_9786A handsome American Kestral was watching for food from his lofty perch…

DSC_9846This wasn’t my neighborhood.  LOL!  Every couple of weeks we go out hunting for Bald Eagles.  This is a Juvenile Bald Eagle.  Maybe a second year?  Anyone want to pitch in?

DSC_9880Bambi’s Mom.  Love the sparkles in the snow…  Squirrel!

DSC_9962This Belted Kingfisher was at my pond as well…  Such cool birds!  First time I’ve gotten a picture of this one at the pond…

DSC_9477And last, but not least, a picture of a Great Blue Heron that looks a little like me…

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Little Covered Tin Tutorial…

January 19, 2016

One of my friends, Paula, in Roy Quilt Guild gave me a baggie full of little tins as I am the “birthday person” this year.

I have been tasked to make little handmade gifties for all 30+ members of the guild to give them at meeting on their birthday months.

Paula told me of these fabulous little tins she had been seeing on Pinterest.  Sure enough I cruised on over there to see what she was talking about.

What a fun bunch of stuff to look at!

So this is what I did with the baggie of tins….127_0910I spray painted them all a neutral color.  I used the spray paint that I had in the house, which is ancient!  But that’s okay, all of that will be covered when I’m done with them…127_0912Next, I hot glued magnets in the bottom of the tins.  Make sure that your magnet is where you want it before you put it down or it will stick where you don’t want it to.  (First one!  LOL!) The magnet is a great place to store needles/pins for retreats/classes.

127_0914Next, I Mod-podged the top of the tin and put it upside down on the wrong side of my fabric.

127_0917I smoothed out the top, and then cut around the tin a little more than 1/8th of an inch.  (It will depend on how big your tin is…  Look at the edge of the lid and see how wide it is.)

127_0920After you trim the edges, use more Mod-podge around the edge of the fabric.127_0924Smooth around all 4 sides of the lid.

Don’t get Mod-podge on your fingers.  ;-)

127_0925If you have more than one tin, it’s fun to play with variety!

127_0926Hot glue some trim around raw edge of the fabric to hide the unfinished sides.  Start with a dot of hot glue at the hinge side of the tin and hot glue every 1/4 or 1/2 inch or so…  When you have the trim all the way around, you can put a dot of hot glue at the end to secure/finish it.  I will probably play with some embellishments for the top when I’m not trying to get them finished so quickly!  ;-)  It pays to have a birthday later in the year…

127_0950Thanks for stopping by!

Just a few things… Why I’ve been MIA a lot this last week.

January 17, 2016

I’ve been busy busy busy this last week or so…   These are the fun things I’ve been playing with!127_0938I’ll start here…  This is a redwork mini quilt I’ve been working on in the MQTS swap on flickr.  I am ready to quilt this baby!

127_0889And these little blocks are for a *ahem* late Christmas gift I’m working on…127_0886They were just a wee bit of work…  I definitely needed that coffee!

127_0933Well, look at that…  All put together!

127_0892And a little prep work for Layton Quilt Guild for Thursday’s meeting…  We’re doing a modified wonky house block quilt.  This is my friend Silvana’s  house block design.  Anyone who finished the house by next month will get the tree block FREE!  Yes, that’s right…  FREE…

127_0926And last but not least, I was working on birthday gifties for Roy Quilt Guild!  I got 8 finished just in the nick of time for January birthdays!  I’ll post a tute for these fun little tins within a few days!

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Out on the Causeway last night…

January 10, 2016

The boys and I went birding yesterday afternoon at Antelope Island.  Didn’t get any good picture of the birds, but the scenery was amazing!

Somehow we managed to be there for the sunset.  (Even though we left by 4 pm…)

DSC_9192The rays poking through the clouds were just stunning!

DSC_9161Looking East on the Causeway…


My favorite thing to photograph out there!  Who doesn’t love an old stump?!

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Farmington Bay last week…

January 9, 2016


We took a beautiful drive out to Farmington Bay last week…  We saw this lovely lady, a female Ring-tailed Pheasant hoping to not get eaten by the migrating visitors.  (Or the locals for that matter!)


And this, is one of the current migrating visitors out there right now!

I really am trying for the perfect Bald Eagle picture, but I haven’t had success yet!


And isn’t this the perfect day at the beach?  A frozen land with Great Blue Herons.


I think these are some of the coolest (no pun intended) birds out there!  Great Blue Heron, or “Mr. GBH” as we like to call him.

DSC_9073Even though this little Kestral is small, he is truly a beautiful bird!  And deadly…  That Pheasant better watch out for him as well!

Thanks for visiting!  I’m feeling the need to go out again…

On my daily jog…

January 3, 2016

I find the older I get, the more necessary it is for daily exercise.  Not so much because I enjoy it, it just helps me keep moving and decreases my aches and pains.  (Yay for getting old. Meh.)

That said, I love jogging outside because it gets me out of the house and sometimes I see something fun!

DSC_8883This is a Common Goldeneye.  He and his lady were hanging out at our pond today…  I never have the opportunity to get a close up like this, so it was worth running home for the camera!

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Juvenile Eagles and a little Downy Woodpecker…

December 31, 2015

On Monday, my son and I took a drive to the bird refuge…  Unfortunately, it’s frozen almost solid and so the Tundra Swans have left and continued on to California.  (According to the gal working in the Visitors Center…)  We did see a lot of Harriers and Hawks, but no Eagles.  However, on the drive there, we were a little distracted by this site…


There are 9 juvenile Bald Eagles in this picture!  My son and I counted 41 that day!!!  (The adults are hiding out somewhere else, we only saw a couple of them…)

We drove back today and went for a little walk through the woods…  There were a lot fewer than on Monday, but this is what we saw.


Juvenile Bald Eagle

Some people can tell the difference whether the Juveniles are First,  Second, or Third year Juveniles.  They don’t get their white heads or tails until they’re 4 years old.  I’m not that skilled, although I see a scruff of white at the base of this guys neck so I’m guessing almost adult!



Taking flight…


Juvenile Bald Eagle in flight…

Gosh they are majestic!  Did I mention that already?!  LOL!


Check out that wingspan!

And as I’m focusing on Eagles, my bird nerd son (our whole family wears that term proudly!) spots this little guy!

DSC_8778And he isn’t even cropped!  What a view!  A little male Downy Woodpecker.  He’s so cute!

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Bird Nerd on board…




I can show it now…

December 28, 2015

I quilted this lovely quilt for one of the gals in my local guild…  She did a beautiful job on the applique!127_0816I really loved this one…  She got to show it at last quilt guild so now I can as well!

If you click on the picture you may be able to see the quilting a little bit better…

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Reflecting back…

December 27, 2015

Last year was the final time I was able to share Christmas with my sweet Mother…

For the past several years, my Mother would come and spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our family.  This year felt hollow without her.  She moved on to be with Daddy last February.  IMG_1423

I will always think of her at Christmas and remember what a great influence she was in my life…

I miss you Mom.  XOXO

“Sweet” Friends…

December 20, 2015

127_0841I have a wonderful friend Vivian, who owned a candy store once upon a time…  She was kind enough to teach my son and I how to make chocolates!  She’s taught us how to make Peanut Butter Cups, Rocky Road Popcorn, and Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

I am in chocolate Heaven!

Today I attempted Caramel on my own…  Vivian taught us to make several items when making a batch of Caramel and ways to use Chocolate when we were finished dipping so as not to waste.  I made the Pretzels and Turtles using the caramel and milk chocolate wafers melted in a double boiler.  I used the excess to decorate with sprinkles.

I also have caramel that I am planning on molding with chocolate tomorrow.

Vivian is the same friend who gave me the recipe for Sourdough Bread.  She is so generous with her knowledge!  Plus, she’s a quilter to boot…  That’s always tops in my book.  :-)

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