My latest (almost) finish!

July 26, 2015

In one of my groups that meet once a month, we do a little hand project to keep up busy!  When Leslie was in charge of it, she decided we were going to do a quilt.  Yikes!  I had just started a Mystery and wasn’t happy about starting another one…  Kicking and screaming, I cut my aqua fabrics into the correct sizes.  Then we all exchanged the precut pieces of varying colors.  We used a curved ruler (I’ll post a picture later if I remember) and sub cut them into convex and concave curves.  We paired them with their partner and stitched them up.  Some of them were sub-cut at this point into squares.

The pattern we were doing put them together in another form, but I always have to do my own thing!  (I really wanted to quilt circles…)  We added some white pieces to make the + symbols.  I added the grey newsprint fabric and had gotten 4 yards of the gorgeous border fabric.  This is my favorite quilt to date!  (And it’s not predominately white so I don’t have to worry quite so much about ruining it.  LOL!  We all have to have our priorities!)  I quilted it on my Mid-Arm Pfaff Quilter.  I still have to add a sleeve, label, and stitch in some thread ends…  That’s why it’s an “almost” finish!


Some closeups on the quilting…



And the back…127_0586Hope you like it!  I’ll be entering it in some quilt shows over the coming year…

Summer fun!

July 23, 2015

I know I’ve been a little negligent in the Blogosphere, but I’ve been having a fun summer!

127_0557Last week we hit the free concert at Draper Park featuring the band, America, with Tapestry Live performing Carole King music…

127_0556Tapestry Live was great!  I loved their renditions!  And then came America…127_0570My friend and her husband made it a double date Friday!127_0566And not only that, but I have a bumper crop of Blackberries this year!

I made Blackberry Jam 2 days ago, and picked enough this morning for another batch!

127_0575I am doing some quilting, I just have been naughty and not getting pictures!  I’ll try to post some of the fun things I’m working on in the next couple of days…  Thanks for stopping by!

Clinton City Heritage Craft and Quilt Show…

July 10, 2015

We had our quilt show for Clinton City’s Heritage Days on Wednesday…  Here’s a little peak at some of the quilts!

DSC_3685The basket quilt on the left was made by Doris.  The one on the right is made up of 56 bitty blocks from my friends in the BBC, “The Bitty Block Committee”.  I just love this one!  (I know it’s mine, but there are so many blocks from my friends all over the world, it’s almost like getting together with them in person!)

DSC_3686This one is just gorgeous!  Made by Doris S.

DSC_3687And this lovely was made by my friend Vivian!

DSC_3690This one is my friend, Sheri’s…  My friends are awesome!  They came through with lots of entries!

DSC_3691My friend Susan made this stunner!  Wowza!

DSC_3716Ruth and her family with the quilt she made honoring her sister who passed away this winter.

DSC_3719My friend Debbie and her beautiful little challenge quilt!  Very Amish looking!

DSC_3720Becky and the quilt she made for her daughter…  And who doesn’t love her minion shirt?!

DSC_3707And these two quilts were made by Destry and Denise.  Denise is the one on the right, and she tied for first place with another gal!  Isn’t that fun?

Especially since I begged her for quilts as we didn’t have enough!  Thanks to all my awesome friends for making our quilt show a success!

And thanks to you for visiting my blog!

Independence Day…

July 4, 2015

Once again, I had the pleasure of attending the Huntsville, Utah parade…  The festivities began with a flag ceremony.

Always a beautiful tribute to our soldiers and our country!DSC_3645Freedom is hard fought…DSC_3648I am so grateful to those who serve in defense of all of us!

DSC_3663The parade started…

DSC_3679Recognizing the farm workers and cowboys of the area!

DSC_3681The tractors are simply awesome!!!

Thanks for joining me!

Happy Independence Day!!!

One quilt, two challenges…

July 4, 2015

I have a challenge quilt that is due on Wednesday and another that is due in August…  I’ve decided to make one quilt that meets the qualifications for both challenges!  (I love doing that!)  Anyhoo, this is a sneak peek of the start of my quilt. I won’t be able to show you the rest until August.

121_0554Thanks for stopping by!

Row by Row, with a purpose!

July 1, 2015

Once again, our town is having a quilt show…  Today, I made double duty of collecting my Row by Row patterns and dropping

off fliers for the quilt show to all of our local Quilt Shops!  121_0549Sew and Save already had our flier up!  Thanks Sew and Save!!!  Cute clothesline pattern from them!

121_0546I hit Quilter’s Attic and got a great license and umbrella pattern!  Thanks for posting our flier!

121_0548Next, K and H!  Cute shop!  They have the b.e.s.t. sale fabrics!!!  Plus they had a license plate, and a gorgeous row…

It’s so pretty, I’m going to put it together separately as a table runner.  Thanks for posting our flier!!!

121_0550And last, for quilt shops, My Heritage Fabrics!  Another fabulous umbrella pattern!  They posted our flier as well!

I took fliers to several of the craft stores, and fabric stores that weren’t participating in the Row by Row.  Only 1 of the stores was unable to post it!

I have a few more local stores to get them to in the next day or two and I’ll be done!  Yay!  Now I’ve got to get started on my Challenge Quilt…


121_0552Todays’ awesome haul!!!  Thanks for visiting!

A top ready for quilting… A Mystery!

June 29, 2015

I am in a FB On-line Mystery group, and this is the first mystery that we did…  Hosted by my flickr friend, Quiltinkimmie.121_0542I added the final borders last week…  My friend Denise, who also is in the group had hers finished.  I’m not competitive, mind you, I just like to be the first one finished!  Denise suggested that I do mitered corners.  I had to rack the dark recesses of my brain to remember how to do them.  You can see how they came out in the following close up.

121_0543I liked the way they came out so well, I did them on another quilt I have on the quilting frame right now!

Thanks for visiting!!!

Row By Row Experience! Day 1…

June 27, 2015

My friend Diane told me about the Row to Row Experience, so we decided to hit the road today!  (Always love a good excuse for a road trip!!!)

Some of the shops have fun little fabric license plates that represent their stores…  And all of the participating shops have free patterns!

We went to Idaho first…  DSC_3545A cute little shop called, “Suppose” in Preston, Idaho.  DSC_3543Here are the 4 of us who went road trippin’ together…  Diane, Pat, Loretta, and Moi.  (That’s fancy French for “me”.  I learned it from Miss Piggy.)

I’ll have to hit Idaho again, as they didn’t have the license plates…  Darn!  Sounds like another road trip!

Then we hit Logan Utah.  Our first quilt stop there was “My Girlfriends Quilt Shop”.DSC_3546Cute little store with lots of fun fabrics, and they had cake!  (It was their 4th anniversary.)  I love to eat cake!

This is Pat and Loretta again!  DSC_3549Diane is busy cutting away!

The shop had a demonstration of a way to make simple 4 patches, and everyone who made a set got in for a drawing.

The blocks are going to be made into a charity project!

DSC_3551Our second stop in Logan was the Bernina Store, “Stylish Fabrics”.

Another great store with a large selection of fabric…

Our last stop was in Brigham City, one of my favorite quilt stores e.v.e.r.!  And would you believe it, I forgot to take pictures there!!!  I’ll be headed over there sometime this week and take a few shots!

DSC_3557Only 2 of the shops had the fabric license plates, but all of them had a fun pattern.  And check out the pin!  I love to collect them!

  (Between you and me, I like the Bear Lake Monster the best!  Bwahahahahha.  I am such a nerd!)

Thanks for joining me on my first Row by Row stop!

At the family reunion…

June 24, 2015

So many birds, so little time!!!

We saw numerous birds at our Family Reunion in Eastern Utah!!!  A birding bonanza if you will…

DSC_3307This young robin hung out near our group camp site…

DSC_3301This Northern Flickr was feeding it’s baby near the young robin!!!  Awesome!

DSC_3298On our walk around the lake at Palisades State Park…


Scrub Jay

DSC_3355Red-tail Hawk taking off!


Bullock’s Oriole

These are the most colorful birds I’ve seen!


Cowbird baby in nest with Brewers Blackbird clutch.

Cowbirds don’t raise their own young.  Instead, they lay an egg in another birds nest for them to care for…

Unfortunately the smaller birds in the nest often don’t get enough food to survive.


Mountain Bluebird on Father’s Day!  He’s the daddy!

Thanks for joining me at my Family Reunion!!!  LOL!  (I know, not a single family member in site!)

A couple of projects…

June 10, 2015

I have been working on a few things recently and thought I’d share!

In the Mini QT Swap we did the theme, “Furry Purries”…  I made this little quilt for my partner, Quilt Monster.  I used pictures of her two cats

to pick from Free Coloring Pages for my pattern.  I tweaked them to resemble hers!

Here they are from my Furry Purries!121_0493Poukie, Lexi, and Arnold.

121_0487Grey Boy (in front), Lexi, Arnold, and Milo.  Yes, mine look bored!

And last but not least, a special little project I’ve been working on for a friend…

121_0502I stuck with feathers going up and down to speed things up!  The recipient will receive this tomorrow…

Thanks for visiting!


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