My UFO finishes for May…

June 1, 2018

As you probably remember, I was pretty bummed not to finish any UFO’s last month…  (In the Utah Quilt Guild, we have been challenged to finish as many UFO’s as possible this year.  My personal goal is to finish half of my counted UFO’s, which is 30 of 60!  A UFO is an “Un- Finished Object”.)

Last month wasn’t exactly stellar, but I did manage to finish 2!  (Plus I’ve made oodles of progress on about 4 more…)

I completed this one in the nick of time!  It was made up with 25 3 inch blocks I received last year from members of Layton Quilt Guild for being President…  I added the green blocks to give it an “Irish Chain” look.  Yay for finish 1!

My next finish is from a billion years ago.  Or maybe 15?  Long time!!!  It’s my Christmas Sew and Save quilt.  I had started doing some applique and embroidery on it and stalled out as the metallic thread I was using wasn’t terribly soft.

Oh well…  I unpicked a small section that I had barely started and quilted some motif in there…  Bwahahaha.  No idea what, and I’m too lazy to look!

And “Ta Da!”  All done!


Here’s the back so you can see what I like to do with left-overs!

Thanks for visiting!!!  See you all next month!




For all my bird loving, quilter friends out there…

May 20, 2018

One of our quilters in the Utah Quilt Guild taught a 3 dimensional Bald Eagle using little scraps of fabric.  My friend challenged me to make one using one of my owl photos as a pattern and this is what I came up with!

This is “Simon” and is a Western Screech Owl…  We’re making this at Roy Quilt Guild in July.  Fun technique!!!

Here it is the end of the month, and I have nada!

April 30, 2018

Well, my quilting business has been going like gang busters, but in the meanwhile, I don’t have any finished UFO’s this month!  Wah!!!!

At least I’ve made progress on a few…  No pictures until they’re finished!  Thanks for visiting squat, nada, zip, zilch, zero, etc.

I’m attending UQSM, so I’ll have a little to post later this week!  Smooches friends!

March’s UFO’s…

March 31, 2018

It’s been another super busy month here for me!  I have been quilting like a mad woman in addition to finishing more UFO’s.  (Not to mention starting a few new ones!  LOL!)  I suppose if I don’t start more than I finish that’s good, right?!

This is a block swap I did in Layton Quilt Guild a few years ago…  It was only to the “block” stage.  Now it’s done!

I took this class from Linda Poole at UQG Quilt Fest the year before last.  It just needed final borders, the nest applied, and quilted…  Another finish!  Woot!  Woot!

This quilt was designed by my friend Emily at Aunt Em’s quilts…  I had to finish my tree border and then quilt and bind this one.  Gosh it feels good to get some of these UFO’s done…

I started this quilt many moons ago…  I call it my “seizure quilt”, as I sewed the dresdens down by hand while hanging out near my son’s school waiting for him to maybe have a seizure.  I am glad those days are mostly gone!  He’s been pretty stable the last few years…  Milo had to make an appearance, just for fun!

This is another quilt that Emily designed…  I didn’t use enough value contrast so there it sat unfinished!  Finally got back to it and got it quilted…

This one isn’t an official UFO as it isn’t quilted and so didn’t meet the requirement of the Utah Quilt Guild’s UFO Challenge this year…  That said, it was still a UFO for me, so I finished it!  (It just needed the screws put back in to hold the seat and backing in place.)

(Yep, that another UFO on the design wall behind it!)

I’m bringing my boy home for a visit for Easter, and so I’ll have to put my design wall away and pull out the Murphy bed!

Thanks for visiting!  I hope you all have a Happy Easter and enjoy Spring!!!

Another month of UFO’s Completed!

February 28, 2018

As I probably mentioned last month, the Utah Quilt Guild is encouraging it’s members to finish their UFO’s this year.  That means completely finished!  I went through my UFO’s and found about 60.   (Not including bitty blocks…  😉  )  My personal goal this year is to complete about 1/2 of them.  Last month I finished 6, while this month I only completed 4.  (But I did make significant progress on a couple of others as well!)

Here they are:

As some of you remember, myself and 3 of my online besties swapped “Wonky House at Night” blocks for 1 year. Silvana, Soma, Sandy and I were the 4 participants!  We each made 4 blocks each month…  1 for ourselves, and 1 for the other 3 swappers.  That gave us a total of 48 house blocks.  I wanted mine to be a little bit bigger, so I made an additional 51 blocks for a nice uneven 99 blocks.  A little star sashing, and it’s finished!  I missed quilting 1 tree.  Shhhhhhh…  Don’t tell!  Anyhow, here is our fun little group project!  Thank you ladies!!!!!  You rock!

This one needed binding and it’s done!  So fun!  (I did a scrappy binding if you can see along the edge…)

“Kaffe meets Kim”  Haha!  This one was made using mostly Kaffe fabrics (plus my hand dyed yellow) and was designed by Kim Diehl.  I love this one!  It needed binding as well..

And last, but not least, here is a quilt top that I bought at my friend Denise’s yard sale.  It still qualified as a UFO, so it went on my list.  It needed to be quilted and bound and here it is finished!

4 for this month!!!  I am really loving all of these finishes!  Thanks for joining me!


Two more quick finishes before the end of January!!!

January 31, 2018

2 more quick finishes for the Utah Quilt Guild’s UFO challenge for this year!

This is my 2017 Kaffe and Friends quilt taught by Kaye Evans…  I added some solids and a few hand dyed fabrics to make it more “me”!  Milo definitely approves and he thinks my little folk art bird design block looks good enough to eat…  😉  This one needed binding!

I find myself adding bird blocks/quilting to everything I make these days!  (For some reason…)  Again, my center block features my folk art bird surrounded by a floral vine.  Funny story…  I started this design at Winter Quilt retreat last year at Bryce.  (Thanks for the memories Bonnie!)  I needed a circle to trace so I could start my vine design.  There were some big lamp shades on the lamps by the pool.  I took one off and drew a big circle from the bottom and a little circle from the top of the lamp shade, and then drew my circle in between the two sizes.  It worked out perfectly!  (Then I may have put the lamp shade on my head for good measure.  You know, everyone’s a comic…  And added a little song and dance for my friends!) This one needed binding finished.  I did this one by hand and the previous one by machine.

Good to have these 6 quilts finished for January!!!!  Woot!  Woot!

It’s a New Year! And for me, a time to finish some UFO’s…

January 23, 2018


This year, the Utah Quilt Guild is encouraging it’s members to complete UFO’s every month…  I added up all of my UFO’s (Unfinished Objects) and have found that I have at least 59 in all stages of completion.  (If I don’t count all of the Bitty Blocks I have in my bag…)  I have challenged myself to complete half of them this year.  Yup!  That’s right!  30 UFO’s by New Year’s Eve…  That said, I had better get busy!

Above is a quilt that was all finished except for the binding…  Done!


This little quilt just needed a binding as well…  I won’t move along as fast when my bindings are done!


This one needed binding as well…  I stitched this one on by hand.  The other two were done by machine.  Thanks to my buddy Susie for teaching me how to do it so it looks nice!


This little beauty was made by my friend LaRae D.  We did a swap, but she gave me 2 little appliqued tops in exchange for one completed mini.  This one had been waiting for me to get to it for a while…  If you look at this picture closely, you can see “pokeys” in the outer border.  (Places where the white thread was pulled up from the back.)  Tension issues.  Here’s a little tip…  I will take a black Micron pen to each of those little white dots.  Ta da!  It will work like a charm!  Done!!!

156_6313This one isn’t a UFO, but is part of the final swap being held on flickr at the Mini QT Swap…  Still needs some finish work.  The pattern is called, “Open Wide” by “”  It’s a cute little bag!  Well, I have a few more finishes to get done by the end of  the month.  I’ll try to be better about posting!

😉 Ruthiequilts

Hi there everyone!

August 16, 2017

Yes, I am still out here quilting away!  Pretty sad when I don’t have time to chat…  My quilts are being featured at “My Heritage” fabric store at “Rainbow Gardens” in Ogden.  I hope you enjoy!

The quilt pattern on the left is from “Quilts With Style”, a magazine that is no longer in print.  The one on the right is a Dear Jane Alternate list, “Siggie Quilt” made up of blocks from all over the country and world.  I made the flower border with wool applique.

My collection of smaller quilts…

The quilt on the left is made up a Bee blocks traded online and the one on the right hung in the National Quilt Museum in Padukah…

I love the colors in this one…  So soothing!

My “Dear Jane” quilt finished with the Yahoo “Dear Jane” group….

The fabrics for this one were exchanged with a group of friends!

This one was designed by my friend, Patsy!  I love the interplay of stars…

This one was done for a “Show Stopper Challenge” that we did in Layton Quilt Guild.  Still one of my faves!!!

And a blurry picture of moi.  Thanks for joining me!


Sorry to be so scarce!!!

April 4, 2017

Source: Sorry to be so scarce!!!

Finished a couple of customer quilts and received a swap!

April 4, 2017

I quilted these two lovely quilts for Sara…And the back…

I really enjoyed working on her Storm at Sea as well!I did a couple of specialty areas you can see here:

And last but not least, I received this awesome swap in the flickr “Triptych” swap on MQTS.Lots of awesome goodies, plus a beautiful triptych depicting the beauty of Utah! I’m working like a mad woman to get some quilts ready for UQSM (aka HMQS under new ownership due to the untimely passing of HMQS’s previous owner.)  2 more labels to make and 2 more quilts to block and then I can get back to my regularly scheduled program!

Thanks for stopping by!

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