Teeny Tiny Quilt Swap!!!

August 17, 2016

Yes, I’m still a swap-a-holic…  The Mini QT Swap on flickr just offered a teeny tiny quilt swap.  I had to play along as I love Mini minis!!

This fabulous package came in the mail today!100_5182


My partner made me the sweetest little mini quilt…  She measures 5 inches square!!!  So sweet!  Thank you thank you Thank you Cindy!  (aka yayaquilter)  I just love it!

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All finished! Plus a little FMQ’ing…

August 5, 2016

I got my mini mini all quilted!  I am of the opinion that a mini quilt needs mini quilting and binding.  I love the idea of making them to scale, although binding is pretty hard to make that small…  But here it is!


It measures 5 1/2 inches square!  Woot!  Woot!

Our local guilds are participating in Utah Quilt Guild’s “Ruby Jubilee”.  They have requested that all of the guilds create a red and white quilt to celebrate their big birthday next year.  The quilts will go in a traveling show featured at numerous sites.  I quilted and headed up Roy Quilt Guild’s red and white quilt which was designed by Patsy Shelton, member extraordinaire, and helped create the blocks for Layton Quilt Guild’s red and white quilt.  Lorri Bashein designed and headed up Layton’s quilt.  I am in the process now of quilting it…  What a fun quilt!


I saw this border on FB and thought it was so beautiful that I had to try it…  I really like it!  It’s perfect for a little bit wider sashing filler!

I’m doing this one all FMQ (free motion quilting).  Thanks for stopping by!

Ta da!!! 5 3/8ths inch square!!!

July 30, 2016

I asked myself, “Can I do it?”  The answer is, “Yes I can!”

Here is the completed Teeny Tiny quilt swap that I am making for my partner on flickr in the MQTS  (Mini QT Swap) group.  I’ve made 2 of them so I could keep one for myself…  (Although mine is different colors/layout!)

100_5137I don’t know if you remember or not, but my mini quilt “Wee Red and White Delight was made using 1.5 inch blocks finished.  This one is 1 inch finished blocks…  I don’t think I want to try it any smaller.  (Unless…)

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How small is too small?!

July 28, 2016

Yes, I do have a thing for little quilts!  The Mini QT Swap on flickr decided to do a tiny quilt swap, less than 6 inches, so I knew I had to play!  (Even though I’ve sworn off swapping.  It’s mini, I had to do it!  Oh, and next month is “Beach” theme, so I have to do that one as well!)

Anyhoo, staying to making my favorite block/quilt, I decided to do a mini NYB.  16 1 inch blocks.  Yes, I am nuts!  But they’re so cute…  And tiny…


Here are the arcs waiting for the applique pieces to finish them…


I’m making 2 of them as I already know I’ll want to keep the one I’m making!

So that’s the question…  How small is too small?!

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A couple of projects! Busy summer!!!

July 5, 2016

Hi everyone!  I’m sorry I’ve been such a slacker!  I am trying to fit way too many things into “not enough time”…  Here are a couple of things that I’ve quilted recently…

100_5013This is my friend Denise’s quilt…  It was from a round robin several years ago…

100_5012And another closeup view…

100_5011Here’s the whole thing…  Denise provided the inner block and sent it with fabrics around the robin.  I made the applique border.  It was a lot of fun to quilt this one!  (In addition to working on it…)

100_5010And last but not least, this was made by Pam Day for Clinton City Heritage Days.  She made 2 of them to give away at the quilt show.  I provided the quilting for them…  Thanks for stopping by!  More coming as soon as life slows down a tad… :-)

Some highlights from my vacation…

June 21, 2016

It was definitely a “driving” vacation.  No rest what-so-ever!  LOL!  I’m exhausted…

Here are some highlights:

DSC_5736We started out at Coral Pink Sand Dunes, a Utah State Park.  These beautiful Lupine are so pretty against the orange sands…

DSC_5731And the Yuccas are in bloom.  So pretty!  And yes, it was hot!

DSC_5797Next we hit a roadside attraction on the Navajo Reservation.  The dinosaur tracks were pretty cool!

DSC_5809And who doesn’t appreciate dinosaur poop?  (I’ve always wanted to say that!  LOL!)


Says it all, doesn’t it?

DSC_5993Next we hit the Grand Canyon!  It was grand!  (And a canyon to boot…)

100_4829Love the tower at the East end of the Park…

DSC_6025And being hot, even the elk want to take a drink from the spring water fountains.  (I filled my water bottle from the tap on the far left…)

*No humans were hurt in the taking of this picture.  Or elk.  Yes, I have a long lens and know better!

DSC_6160Next, we hit Joshua Tree National Park.  (All the Joshua Trees are on the other side of the park where we didn’t go.)

But this cactus/bush/thing flower was pretty!

DSC_6222And this was for my 12 year old boy…  We toured “The Queen Mary”.  Awesome tour and tour guide, James.

“This waaaay my famiiily…”  Every time he led us to a new area, our tour guide said this!

And I appreciate all of the drama/acting experience available in Southern California!!!  It made for a great tour!


This hallway reminds me of the “Shining”.  It comes to mind any time I’m in a long, spooky hallway.

I wait for two little girls in blue at the end of the hall…  (Yes, this may be a theme for me!)

DSC_6431Next on to Sequoia National Park.  This is a pretty flower growing there…  Nope, no idea what kind.

And yup, the trees were gorgeous and big!  Impossible to do them justice!

100_4920And the drive goes on to Yosemite Valley.  El Capitan pictured here…  Look how dry the grass looks in this area even though it’s spring!


Yosemite Falls I think…  Let me know if I’m wrong!

100B4936The valley was so green here!  Traffic was super heavy…  Wish it were a little more wild, but those places are rapidly disappearing!

More to come later…  Thanks for joining me on my vacation!!!

A few critters…

June 15, 2016

Yes, I took a few (too many) pictures on vacation…  Here are a few critters for your viewing enjoyment.

(Or your creepie crawlies as the case may be…)

DSC_6167I hope you can see the little Costa Hummingbird.  This was at our cousins house in California…DSC_6444This handsome fellow (Mr. Yellow-bellied Marmot) was at Sequoia National Park.

DSC_6424And even though this rattlesnake is a bit spooky, he looks like a quilt to me!  My son found him at a picnic area about seat level between a rock and a tree root in the foothills before Sequoia.  We reported it to a ranger about an hour later when we found one.  Thank goodness for a long lens!!!

More pictures coming in a few days…  Here’s a little preview!

DSC_6651I love the ocean!!!  Thanks for stopping by!

Have quilt, will travel!

June 15, 2016

I finished this quilt as a (Oopsie) late Christmas present for my SIL…

It’s the “Metro Rings” Pattern by SewWonderful using her specialized ruler system…

I took a picture of it when I finished and then decided to snap a few on the way to deliver it in Arizona.


And here is a close-up…100_4809

I took a few pictures near Bryce Canyon as we were pretty close.

DSC_5706I just love red rocks!!!

DSC_5717And the end of our photo shoot!  Hope you enjoy!  Stop in again Pardner… 😉

Claudia Pfeil…

May 8, 2016

I had the opportunity to take a class with the International Award Winning Quilter, Claudia Pfeil yesterday morning!  Her quilting is amazing and I aspire to quilt like she does…  (Plus she brought chocolate!  She’s my favorite teacher ever!  LOL!)


This was her entrance in HMQS…  Amazing quilting and color!  And who doesn’t like bling?!!!

100_1204This is a closeup of her quilting…  Now that I’ve had her class I should be able to quilt like her, right?!

LOLOLOLOL…!  I am a funny girl!

100_1166Here is Claudia showing us how to do her “Onions”…  I must practice more!  (Check out that design on the right…  It’s from her “A-Z” class!)

100_1167A close up so you can see how amazing it is!

And last but not least, here is the piece that I was working on in our “Bubbles” class…


Now, I haven’t done any show quilting on my midarm, so this was a new experience for me.  I usually do show quilting on my Bernina domestic machine as I have a lot more control.  Hopefully I will be able to experiment and get good like this on the longarm…  :-)  Claudia said the 3 P’s of quilting are Practice, practice, practice…  I intend to follow that advice!  Thanks for an awesome class Claudia!  Next year I’m going to take her A-Z class.  Wish I had taken it this year!

Thanks for visiting…

HMQS… Mini quilts and a few others…

May 7, 2016

Well, it’s been a busy week here!  HMQS is in full swing!  One more day, and I have a class going on tomorrow…  It’s a long arm class taught by Claudia Pfeil!  Yay!!!  I can’t wait!  This year HMQS began a division of mini quilts.  Right up my alley!  Here I am with my little quilt:  “Wee Red and White Delight”100_1162Only 900 pieces in it…  Big grin for the 3rd place ribbon!!!  Thank you judges!  Here are the 1st and second place quilts100_1163

I’ll show you the second place more closely as I love Helen Butler’s work!


I quilted this one for my friend Vivian.100_1146It is such a fun little quilt!  100_1147The quilting on this one was simply amazing!  Plus I love the irregular border.

100_1153And this little lonestar just blew me away!!!  Itsy bitsy goodness!100_1148This one is based on a George Siciliano’s work…  He’s one of my heroes!

100_1155And Karen Marchetti’s quilting is amazing!!!

100_1161This one was one of my favorites as well…  I love everything about it!

I should have a lot more quilty goodness for you, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied shopping at the show…  Maybe I can drag myself away to see quilts tomorrow!  ;-)  Thanks for joining me!


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