I’m not really MIA!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you all on my quilty projects! I haven’t finished anything, but I have been working steadily away…

In the Layton Quilt Guild, we are doing house blocks with mini blocks “hanging” on the side of the houses. Each month, we get 3 patterns for the blocks to sew onto the side of the house. We’ve already received the house ppd pattern. I made up the 24 that we’re going to make over the upcoming year! They’re not finished, as they still need their 3.5 inch blocks for the sides. Did I mention that they offered them in 2 sizes? 6.5 inch blocks, and 12.5 inch blocks. Of course, I’m doing the smaller size… That is my M.O. after all! LOL!

Also in Layton, we’re swapping 12- 9.5 inch snowmen blocks. I have the paper piecing done on them, and am just finishing up the embroidery! (They’re like the bitty snowmen that I made for the BBC, just made bigger! And I bound and quilted the quilts… Because I’m mad!)

On flickr, in the MQTS we are doing the bookshelf swap!  I popped mine into the mail today so I’ll be able to show a picture of the finished quilty as soon as my partner receives it!!!

And last, but not least… I’m working on my “Creative Pay it Forward” goodies for the year. On Facebook, if I was one of the first 5 to comment on a gals site, I would get a little handmade goody over the next year sometime. But, (here’s the fun part) I have to offer the same on mine! Well, I’ve got my 5 recipients, and added 1 more because I’ve had a fun productive year! 4 of the 6 are progressing nicely! LOL! Lots to do… Lots to do…

I’ll post some pictures when I get something done!!!  LOL!


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2 Responses to “I’m not really MIA!”

  1. soma1773 Says:

    That is a big list and it’s only January!! I am playing the MIA card myself to finish a bunch of stuff! LOL!!

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