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September 2, 2014



I had to start with a close-up of Poukie…  He approves of this quilt!  LOL!

IMG_0229In the BBC we are trading 3 inch whole cloth hand quilted blocks…  No idea how I’m going to put these together!  I have to make 9 or 10.  I don’t remember which…

IMG_0231And here is what I decided to do with half of my Disappearing Hourglass Blocks.  I wanted some big spaces to quilt in, and I think this fits the bill!

I may try to do show quality quilting and see if I’ve improved…  (Although marking a quilt this big is a daunting task to say the least!)

More to come when I get the rest together.  Then I have to get the Disappearing Pin Wheels done…

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Disappearing Pinwheels and Hourglass Blocks…

August 29, 2014

I’ve been playing around with the Disappearing blocks that I’ve seen on the internet…  One of my guilds asked if I would teach them at our Sew-In last Thursday…

Supplies needed:

1 Layer Cake (Pre-cut 10 inch squres)

40- 10 inch squares cut from a coordinating background fabric

BSK (basic sewing kit)

Sewing Machine


I used a Moda Layer Cake called “Hope Chest” by Laundry Basket Quilts.  I paired the layer cake (pre-cut 10 inch squares) with 10 inch muslin squares.

I put a layer cake piece with a muslin piece, right sides together and stitched 1/4 inch around all 4 sides of the square.  Then I cut them on both diagonals.  This leaves you with 4- half square triangles.  (They are on the bias, so you have to press carefully as to not distort the shape.)

From this point, I divided my Layer Cake into dark prints and light prints.  I’m going to make a Disappearing Pinwheel with the light prints, and a Disappearing Hourglass with the dark prints…

Here is the technique for making Disappearing Pinwheels:???????????????????????????????  You put your 1/2 square triangles into a pinwheel block and then cut them into 9ths.  For a layer cake. I cut them into 4 1/4 inch squares.

After you cut them into a 9 patch you rearrange them like this:

???????????????????????????????You can play around with your layout with this pattern and achieve a few different blocks!

Here is the Disappearing Hourglass block…???????????????????????????????

Again, you make the block the same way, just positioning it into an hourglass (I’ve always called this “Broken Dishes”, but traditional quilt blocks have more than one name.)

Cut into a 9 patch using 4 1/4 inch measurements as before.  Then you reposition the pieces as shown below:

???????????????????????????????These are such fun blocks and look so much more difficult than they are!  I still have a bunch of work to do, but the layer cake will make 40 total blocks, so I’m shooting for 2 quilts.  A smaller 4 X 4 layout with the churndash/pinwheel, and a 5 X 5 layout with the star/hourglass block!  More to come when I get farther along!

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Results of Roy Quilt Guild Challenge!

August 20, 2014

Here are the results of the Roy Quilt Guild Challenge…  They didn’t have to be quilts, and it was really fun to see the variety of entries!

IMG_0182Here is Paulas…  I love this one!  She incorporated a UFO block into the wall hanging.  (The green embroidered piece…)

IMG_0183 Here’s mine…  The labels were judged as well.  I took first for both.  (Although there were more creative labels than mine…  I just used an extra block?)

IMG_0184Here’s Midjes…  I love the vase!

IMG_0185Here is Marie’s beautiful bag which features lace she did on her embroidery machine…

IMG_0186I love this one that Rebecca did…  It is so pretty!  And she used one of the pincushion dress forms they sell at craft stores.

IMG_0187Sheri did a 3D piece as well…  It came out great!

IMG_0188Linda made a fashionable set of place mats so she can eat in style…

IMG_0189Sharon’s really made me laugh!  It is an awesome acrylic ruler holder!!!  Each area features a pocket to store her cutting rulers in…  She said she smiled every time she worked

on it!  Way to go everyone!!!  What a fun challenge!  Thanks to Karen for creating it and helping us all step out of our comfort zones!!!

Playing with color…

August 17, 2014

Last week, one of my friends, Emily from “Aunt Ems Quilts” invited me over to play with a technique she had found online!  Ever willing to experiment, I was thrilled!IMG_0169We gathered supplies, and got the crayons melting…IMG_0170Then we drew a pencil image on white fabric…IMG_0172Here’s Emily working on her little masterpiece!

IMG_0171Mine is almost done…  (Keep in mind if you try this, you’ll never be able to use your brushes again!  LOL!)

IMG_0173Then we hit them with the iron!  We used lots of newspaper to absorb the wax both sides.  Emily went first, and we discovered you have to press

straight down to avoid distorting the painted image…IMG_0174And I used a second piece of white fabric to absorb a mirror wax image from my first ironing…

It required a whole lot of work to get most of the crayon out.  I still think mine is a little stiff, but I may try some embroidery or embellishments to make the edges

a little crisper…  Hope you enjoyed watching us play with color!

Roy Quilt Guild Challenge…

August 16, 2014

IMG_0159I belong to 3 quilt guilds.  Two local and one state.  Roy Quilt Guild had a challenge to incorporate fabrics and embellishments into a quilted “item”.

We also had to incorporate something new we used on our items.  I have done a whole bunch of experimenting so I struggled to come up with something new.   Then

I thought, “I’ve never marked a quilt prior to quilting it…”  That was my new technique!

It didn’t have to specifically be a quilt.  This is the wall hanging that I designed.  I used a block technique that I had seen on facebook, and arranged them on-point.IMG_0151The center four star blocks are part of a 9 patch, while the outer 4 star blocks had setting triangles on either side which make up the center square.  Then I added larger triangles to all 4 sides to get that square overlay look…  (Plus a nice big open space to feature the quilting!)

Then I had to add embellishments.IMG_0153I took 2 different silk flowers and cut them in half to make up each flower unit.  Used the gold netting that was a challenge fabric and made it into a center

“poof”, then finishing up with beads.  In the center, I used shells and a button.  This was a fun challenge!  Results of the challenge coming up later…

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FMQ samples

August 11, 2014


This is awesome inspiration by Esther at ipatchandquilt! Great ideas!  Please visit Esther’s blog by clicking on the link below…

Originally posted on ipatchandquilt:

As I promised you yesterday, there is much more FMQ to show you!  Today there is a portion of FMQ samples.

I am showing you the front and back of the samplers as I am using a darker thread on top to see what I am doing. The backside actually shows you what the FMQ looks like when you are using a matching thread colour. In most of these samples I prefer the back to the front.

These next samples are bigger at 10×10 inches. I was inspired by the craftsy class by Angela Walters on feathers.

I am really enjoying working on the feathers! These “bump-back” feathers are really coming out gorgeous!

I think they are super cool!!!

You might think I have exhausted my supply of samples now, do you? ( go to my previous posts to see much more FMQ work)

No no no… there is more!!!

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Steam Punk Bitty Block…

August 9, 2014




This months theme was a fun one!  Steam Punk…

I had fun looking for gadgets and gizmos for my blocks.  I hit the craft store, and the home improvement store!

Lots of fun stuff!

IMG_0175This is my 3.5 inch block that I came up with…  A Clockwork owl!  His eyes are made up of 2 different types of

washers.  And behind the clock:IMG_0177The rest of his gadgets and gizmos!  The little pocket on the back side of his belly clock holds

a heart/locket shaped charm…  This was a fun one to make.  His green belly is fabric paint.  I bought copper

wire and twirled it for the little shape myself.  I love wire!

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Getting ready…

August 6, 2014

I’ll be teaching my “Retractable Tape Measure” at the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Meeting in September…  I’ve been prepping my kits for the class.

I decided to prepare the paper pieced sections before the class for anyone who wants to simply focus on sewing the pattern together…  I’m doing a few

extra patterns so that the students have some fun choices…  These are 2 of the 4 patterns that I’ll be offering them!  Of course, there has to be a cat!

Meow…IMG_0166Here’s a close-up on the kitty face.IMG_0167
Apparently my knots are a little unruly.

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Jumping the gun just a smidge…

August 4, 2014

IMG_0146I made this little quilt for my partner in the MQTS.  I sent it out last week, and it should be there tomorrow…

The theme was “Anything Goes” so I decided to try a new technique.

I used whole cloth quilting and then painted the sections that weren’t quilted with Lumiere paints…  I like the way this came out…

I have a few more things up my sleeve that I can’t share just yet, but soon!  LOL!  (3 challenge quilts that I’m working on like a mad woman!)

IMG_0148Here is the back, which I may have shown before…  LOL!

IMG_0149And last but not least, my very shy feral kitty, Grey.  (Creative name, no?!)

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Stolen Quilt Alert! Nancy Rink

July 31, 2014


Hey everyone, let’s spread the word about these stolen quilts… I wish this wasn’t necessary! Good luck Nancy! Thanks for sharing treadlemusic and Teri Lucas…

Originally posted on Teri Lucas - TerifiCreations Blog:

Nancy Rink’s fb status from Monday July 28, 2014.
I am MAD as Hell! Thieves broke into my studio over the weekend and stole virtually every quilt (see the album What the Thieves Stole). This is an oh so wonderful follow-up to the break in a week and a half ago in which one quilt was stolen. We had beefed up security but the thieves paid no attention. They just ripped the alarm from the door and busted the security lights. Am I paranoid or am I just being targeted?! I have posted images of the main quilts stolen (there are probably more) just in case you see or hear of anything. Please call the BPD or if you see or hear anything suspicious. I have trunk shows booked at guilds and it makes it very difficult to give a trunk show without my quilts.

And if  YOU the…

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