Love the smell of homemade bread!

July 18, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Vivian gave me a sour dough starter…  I have made bread almost everyday since!

I liked making bread many years ago, but it had the tendency to crumble.  The recipe Viv gave me is a nice loaf!  I

have substituted 1/3 of the flower with wheat and I use bread flour instead of regular flour…  I also add crushed Vit C.  (No idea why, but

one of the other bread recipes called for it!) IMG_0126The bread I’ve made in the past didn’t look nearly as good!  One of the recipes call for “cutting slits” into your dough,

and using an egg wash right before baking…  It really makes a pretty loaf of bread!

Sorry if I’ve made anyone hungry!  Off to have a slice with butter and honey!

Thanks for visiting…



Clinton City’s first Challenge Quilt Contest!

July 17, 2014

Hi everyone!  It’s been a few days (week or more) since I last posted.

A week ago, I remembered that I had a challenge quilt to finish for the quilt show yesterday.

(I was on the board so I needed to set a good example!  LOL!)  2 days of piecing, 2 days of quilting, and a day for binding and it was all ready!IMG_0081This is what I entered…  The challenge fabric was the black “lacey”-looking fabric.  The theme was “Remember When…”

This is how I interpreted the theme.  You may recognize a few of my quilting patterns.  (Why re-invent the wheel?!)

I added the chevron border after seeing it on FaceBook…  Great inspiration!

Here are the rest of the challenge quilts:

IMG_0087My friend Midje won Second place!

IMG_0092And here’s the third place winner!IMG_0073

IMG_0074IMG_0075This one is to commemorate fallen hero’s- firefighters, police officers…  IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0079IMG_0082Here we are working the door!

My latest project…

July 6, 2014

Thought you might like to see what I do with some of those bitty blocks that I swap in the BBC, Bitty Block Committee…IMG_4935I finally got this batch together…  It was actually 2 swap groups, underwater/beach theme done twice due to the popularity!

Thanks to all my awesome friends who contributed the blocks in it!!

It makes me happy looking at it!  I’ve taken close ups so you can see all of the blocks…IMG_0001

These pictures came out a little dark, but you can see the blocks!

IMG_0002IMG_0003IMG_0004IMG_0006IMG_0005I looked online for ocean themed sayings that I liked, and this is what I found…IMG_0007The border is something I saw on FaceBook and had to try…

And it got the ever important kitty seal of approval!


I have to work my threads back into the quilt sandwich still, and figure out how I’m going to bind it…

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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2014

My family loves to celebrate the 4th of July at the Huntsville parade…  The parade definitely has a small town feel to it!

At the beginning of festivities, there is a moving flag ceremony…  It is one of my favorite parts!IMG_4864IMG_4871IMG_4882I am moved to tears every time.  With all of the political animosity lately, this is a ceremony that brings us all together!

IMG_4891Thanks for helping Savannah!  You are awesome!

IMG_4895And here is my oldest with his ever-elusive smile.  (Teenage boy and all that!)

IMG_4909Love this wooden car!

IMG_4910And our military!

IMG_4915And whatever these are…

IMG_4920“Finding Bigfoot” did an episode North of here, so it’s appropriate that he stopped by!  IMG_4928And who doesn’t love a rusty tractor?!  One thing that was missing were the Thunderbirds doing a “fly-by”, but as HAFB did their airshow last weekend it may account for their lack of participation.  I always love it when they fly overhead!  Maybe next year!

Thanks for joining me at the Huntsville Parade!  I love our country and it is so awesome when we all come together!!!!  Thanks for visiting~

Pink and Red Bitty Block on White…

July 4, 2014

Here is my latest bitty block for the BBC (Bitty Block Committee)…

The theme for this month was pink and red on a white background.

I decided to combine my recent love of bird watching with the heart theme when I designed my block.

I titled this one “Love Birds”.  It features flying geese and a separate bird…  I worried it was a little overkill, but went with it anyway!  ???????????????????????????????It measure 3.5 inches unfinished, and 3 inches finished!  Hope you like it!

Thanks for visiting…

College Days Blog Hop Post July 1st 2014

July 1, 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of Whims and Fancies “College Days Blog Hop”!!! I was so excited when Soma asked me to participate… My college days are long since passed, but I do remember them fondly. I attended a small community college in Northern Wyoming. I designed my pattern based on all of the Nursing Text Books I’d haul around with me from class to class. That was one heavy backpack! Now, I must admit that I didn’t enjoy reading those text books nearly as much as I love reading fiction…14353559513_d9030c0b67_o

As a freebie, I’m including the patterns for this little wall hanging, “Loves 2 Read” featuring my 10 inch Blog Hop Book block. (Say that 10 times fast!)

???????????????????????????????*If your pattern is printing out to 5.5 inches, try printing it at 182% for the 10 inch size…  It printed at the correct size on my computer, so I’m not sure how to fix it, but I’ll see what I can find out!  Sorry about that!!!

-Variety of Fabrics for Book block
-Copies of Paper pieced “College Days Book block” Patterns
-BSK (basic sewing kit)
-Sewing Machine
Book block pattern:

Use this for pattern placement-

*Be sure to add ¼ inch to all paper piece edges as they are not included in the patterns!
Stich paper piece sections as numbered. (I like to color code the pattern before I cut it up so I know which colored fabrics go where.)
Sew upper book section together first A-B-C, then D. Set aside.
Join E-F, and G-H-I. Stitch EF unit to GHI unit. When you stitch these together, there is a slight curve toward the center. Just match up your edges appropriately and pin in place.
Stitch ABCD unit to EFGGI unit. Add J strip to the bottom. Ta da! You are finished!!!

“Loves 2 Read” Pattern:

*If you have any problems printing out the patterns, right click on image, “save as ______”,  click on saved image and print.
-scraps of fabrics left over from Book block above
-½ yard background fabric (I always get more than needed when paper piecing. You can use extra for backing if you have enough!)
-Two 3 x 10 1/2inch background rectangles.
-Two 5 ½ inch background squares.
-Completed Book block as above.
-Copies of Paper pieced “Loves 2 Read” Patterns
-BSK (basic sewing kit)
-Sewing Machine

Loves 2 Read Piecing instructions:
*Be sure to add ¼ inch to all paper piece edges as they are not included in the patterns!
Paper piece all sections as numbered.
Stitch AA-BB. Then add CC,DD, EE, and FF This will complete the word “Loves”.
Stitch GG-HH, add to II. Join JJ to GGHHII unit. Add KK, LL, and MM. This completes “2 Read”.
Trim edges of paper pieced words to ¼ inch all sides. Using the word “Loves” stitch 1 5 ½ inch square to right of word. Stitch last 5 ½ inch square to left of “2 Read” paper pieced section. Sew 3 x 10 ½ rectangles to either side of paper pieced book block. Sew “Loves” section to top of book block section, and “2 Read” at bottom of book block section. All done! Now for quilting…
I quilted mine with a variety of stitches in each of the books. I did a thin shadow quilting where the pages of the open book are to represent the paper. I did clamshell in the table section. And last but not least, I stitched in the ditch around the letters and then filled the rest of the space with McTavishing. I hope you like it! Thanks for joining me in Whims and Fancies, College Days Blog Hop!

Tomorrow is Day 1 of the College Blog Hop!!!

June 30, 2014

After all this time waiting, it’s finally here!!!  Tomorrow is day 1 of the College Days Blog Hop hosted by Soma of Whims and Fancies!!!  Be sure to check back for my free pattern!  It’s guaranteed to have something to do with college!  LOL!  I can’t wait!  (I may have a little freebie as well…  ;-) )  Hope to see you all tomorrow morning! 

Ack!!! Vintage Trailers…

June 29, 2014

Yes, I’m a bit of a retro gal!  I love it when people post pictures of vintage trailers that have been restored to their previous glory!

While we stayed in Heber City, Utah last night, we hit a fabulous car show.  And…  There were 4 vintage trailers/car combinations!  For those of you out there who love

them as much as I do, I thought you might like a peek!  (Yes, I’m a busy body!)  Lifestyles of the 50′s!

IMG_4770And if the trailer wasn’t cute enough from the outside…

IMG_4785IMG_4786IMG_4783IMG_4782IMG_4779A sweet little model of the era!IMG_4787And of course, yard art!  Pink Flamingos of course!

Here’s the next one!IMG_4772Isn’t this fabulous?!  Here’s the inside..

IMG_4702IMG_4703IMG_4708Now for the third trailer…IMG_4738IMG_4765IMG_4766

The gal restoring this one had sent in for all of these small license plates when she was a child.

Her Mom saved them for her, and she decided to use them on the table!  Brilliant idea, don’t you think?!

IMG_4767IMG_4768And finally, the “Piece de la Resistance”…IMG_4789The trailer’s name is “Elvis” and the car is “Pricilla”.  Such a fun pair!!!IMG_4800IMG_4799IMG_4794Thanks for stopping by!!!  I may see a vintage trailer quilt in my future…  :-)

Power of 13 Swap!

June 28, 2014

Hi everyone!  Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit…  I had a family reunion and then we went camping!  More to come on these activities later…

First, I wanted to share a little something that I made for a Challenge Quilt for Roy Quilt Guild in 2013.  The theme was “The Power of 13″.Power of 13 Challenge QuiltThis was my challenge quilt…  Using math (*gasp*) I came up with the pattern for 13 spikes on my wheel.  The center circle is 13 inches across.  There are 26 (13 x’s 2) buttons, 13 rouched roses, 13 shells, and 13 of each type of leaf.  13 lace flowers, 13 yo yo flowers, 13 prairie points on each of the spikes.  And I quilted “13″ on the R hand side.  LOL!  One of my Aunts, (thanks Elaine for the picture!!!) saw it at the reunion that year and agreed to a swap with me.  She makes the most beautiful hand carved gourds and eggs!  IMG_4269This is the most incredible work of art that I received in return from her!  It has 13 trees, each with 13 leaves/blossoms etc. on them!  The carving that she does in these gourds is just stunning.  Being that they’re fragile, she can put in numerous hours in one piece only to have it break near the end after all the cuts are made.  This picture doesn’t do it justice, but I had to share the story!

Thanks Aunt Elaine!!!

IMG_4272Two of my favorite ladies!!!  XOXO Ruth

Thanks for stopping by!  (I’ll be posting more shortly!)

Mini whole cloth play…

June 9, 2014


One of my facebook friends showed a picture of a beautiful quilt she had made.  I had to give it a try!  She machine quilted a whole cloth quilt and then painted in the un-quilted areas…  It was a stunning effect! Here is the start of my attempt.

First I had to come up with a pattern to quilt.  I used some freezer paper making a snow flake like motif and ironed it onto a piece of plain white fabric.

I had drawn 2 outer circles using pan lids as my marking motifs.  I centered the snowflake in the circles and continued to quilt…  I waited until the piece was

finished before snipping the threads so I could stitch them back into the quilt sandwich.IMG_4131Now the fun part!  I used micro McTavishing to fill in the space between the marked spots.???????????????????????????????Last but not least, here is the finished piece!  This was a lot of fun, although it took me about 8 hours to quilt it.  It measures approximately 8 X 11 inches…

All of the open areas will be painted when it’s done.  I love the way it came out and I see a big whole cloth quilt in my future…

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